The best time to put your business out there is now

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There is really no perfect time to do anything. Truth is, if you choose to wait for the time when everything is right, you will do nothing because there will always be challenges and issues that will resist you from doing what needs to be done. Let’s face it, truth is, you will always meet resistance and things will not always go the way you planned or wanted it. Life is not easy and making it in business is one of the most difficulties of life. Business is not easy and the essence of it all is to make a profit and become rich. Let me quickly state it here that, it is only businesspeople who get to become rich, salary workers don’t, no matter how hard and many years of work they give to their employers. I read a story about an employee who works very hard, one day, his employer came to work in a new Rolls-Royce, the employee was surprised that his boss just got a new ride and he asked, sir you got a new one? This is beautiful he said, his employer in response said, oh, yes, work harder and next year I will get a better one. Moral of the story is, no matter how hard you work, you can never be richer than your boss. No matter how hard you work, you are only enriching your employer.

The truth is, only your boss decides how rich you can get depending on the salary he pays you. But, if you want to be truly rich, you have got to have your own business. This is one single truth no business owner will share with you even though it is not everybody that will own a business.

Now let’s talk about your business. That’s where my interest is. Your business is the only legacy you can leave for your children. Your children obviously can’t inherit your job. Your business bears your name and your identity no matter what it is you do. No matter how small your business might seem, it is the right business for you. You created it. It’s a product of your imagination. You sat down and thought it out and finally, you brought life into it, that’s why it is your business. The article you are reading right now is part of my business. If I didn’t sit down to put my thoughts into written words, you might not be reading this right now and if that didn’t happen I most likely might be affecting the people that should be getting motivation by reading this, right now. There are so many businesses that people have abandoned even before they started it. I know a number of people scared to hell to take the first step in setting their wonderful balls rolling. The fear of failure is what we will talk about soon. Brilliant ideas get buried with their owners who are too scared to put them out. Look, if you do not work on your craft, it will die sooner than later.

No matter how little or raw, unrefined your business might seem, put it out there. I have come to realise that no business ever started perfectly, most businesses that are great today, started as mediocre businesses and with time, faith and hard work they became multinational brands that every graduate end up sending their resumes for employment. Most businesses are like mobile apps. They get upgraded. Almost on a monthly bases, your twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, even WhatsApp constantly asks you to update your app. Why? The only reason is that day in day out, they are working so hard to improve their businesses. They work constantly to make their businesses better than they were. What does that tell you, it simply means that no matter how perfect you might think these businesses are or seem, they are still working to become a better version of themselves, they still believe there is always room for improvement. Imagine if a guy like Mark Zuckerberg waited till 2020 to get the best version of Facebook before launching the product, I strongly believe he would never be known or become one of the richest men the world knows today. Let me remind you, this man named Mark is the third richest man in the world and he’s worth over a hundred billion dollars. The equation of that in Naira will feed our entire nation for generations to come. That’s the kind of money controlled by one man.

This man didn’t make all of the money working for anybody. He created something. He released his business to the world even when the business was just nothing to be reckoned with. He dropped the business even when it was in it’s a most imperfect stage. He dropped the business when no one believed the business would worth billions. That’s the beauty of it all, he dropped his business, i am certain at a time that it was not the right time for him to release it, but, he did. He certainly must be glad he made the right decision then, over ten years ago since the product had been launched. Let’s not even talk about the rest of them or the one man that has surpassed his own record over and over again. The beauty of business is, it will always get better with consistency. I remember when Mark angel comedy started with their comedy skits, people didn’t really take them seriously, but with the consistency, they kept on dropping videos every Friday and with time, they became a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. If they had waited till the coast was clear, I am sure that by now the name Emmanuel or Success or even Mark himself would have been just names known by no one.

What are you doing right now, what’s your business? What do you do for a living? What are you doing to become a better version of yourself and add value to the economy of this country? You have to do more than you are currently doing by constantly talking about your business and putting it out there for people to see. Eye-level they say is buying level. If people don’t see your business or if what you do is not brought to the attention of the people, let me tell you, your business will become one of the millions of businesses buried with heir owners when you die. You have no idea what the future holds for your business and the only way to find out is to keep your business alive till that future comes around. That way and when the future eventually comes, you will hit your chest and say to yourself, yes, I did it.

Note one thing, it is not easy and it will never be easy. If it was, most of the dead businesses we know nothing about would be surviving today. If it was, most companies that got swallowed by others would still be in existence by now. If it was, we would have more people owing to businesses than working for companies. If it was, am sure your business would be out there by now. Just for the fact that it is not easy to put out your business is the more reason why you should put your business out there, and once you do, you will face even harder resistance because, oh boy, you will get knocked out by challenges and when that happens, you either survive or you give in to defeat. If you choose what the few people who are rich chose and stay put, one day, your name will be known just like that of Mark Zuckerberg. But if you choose to succumb to defeat, just like every other failure who gave up, you will become one of the many, whom posterity will remember as failures.

Your business is the most important thing to you, you must cherish it and put your mind and heart to it. You must do everything to get it started. As you have conceived it, you must also believe that if you work in making it a reality, you must definitely achieve the purpose of which you created. Never lose focus or get discouraged by the fact that it is not the best version of which you envisaged. Anything could be hindering its modification but despite its unrefined nature, do everything in your ability to put it out there. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for your business. Do not wait for the perfect time because there is no perfect time. There will never be a perfect time. The only time as a matter of fact that you have, is now.

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