The Goal: Don’t look Rich, Be Rich

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When I look at some Nigerians, especially those who have nothing, how they act, behave, or dress I marvel. Some of them dress like they own the world meanwhile they own nothing and their bank account is on zero balance. Why do people do these things? They dress to impress. The poverty mentality that has dealt a heavy blow on so many people is so bad that they are always trying to be what they are not. People who got money or who are wealthy do not show it. They have no reason to. They let their businesses speak for them while broke people are those always speaking about what they will do and all of that. They dress and act like they run the world when they in truth, run nothing.

I remember back when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria. I took time to study him critically and one of the things I learned about this man was that he never dressed as if he was one of the richest men in the world. He was always in his jeans and polo. From the first day, he arrived in Nigeria till the day he left the country, it was the same, he wore the same jeans and polo. Yea, some people might think he was in the act of repeating his dress. Of course not. See, wealthy people, who got no time for frivolities with so much they’ve got to do to maintain their position of wealth, do not waste time on clothes to wear. Who do they want to impress? They are already rich and don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I noticed that most Nigerians who were with him at the time he visited were all kitted in suit even in the hot weather.

You are addressed by the way you dress only applies to the poor. You can’t tell me that you will address Elon Musk anyhow even if he was dressed in rags. You already know that the man is the world’s richest man so whatever he decides to wear as a matter of at t, even if it is rag becomes a fashion style that people will love to emulate. That’s the thing about success, even when you make errors, people see it as though you knew what you were doing they will make excuses for you. But when you are broke, no matter how hard you try to please people, they will still see you for who you are.

With that said, I recommend you try not to please anybody and try as much as possible not to portray yourself to look rich when you are broke. You might be hindering your chances of getting help when you act rich while broke.

I got to realize that successful people are in the habit of wearing one type of dress. They might own in it in thousands or great quantity to not get themselves worrying about what to wear when they go out, so what they do is just go in and pick up if it is a shirt and pants, they just wear it and move on. It saves them time. This is so important because they understand the value of time. It is only when you don’t value your time that you spend hours trying to figure out what to wear just because you want to look like your rich for the set of folks you want to impress who might even notice that you exist, unfortunately.

This now reminds me of how I used to get myself worried about what to wear, especially when going for some kind of occasion. I spend a lot of time trying to decide what to wear and sometimes after selecting what to wear, I discard it and pick up another. Imagine the amount of time I wasted just trying to select an outfit that in the end means nothing. Women generally are in this habit of confusing themselves especially when it comes to the selection of an outfit. Let’s not discuss this because it might take us the whole day and I have got some other things I need to do.

Looking rich does not in any way add kobo to your bank account.

Dressing to look rich does not change who you are especially if your mindset is poor.

Wealthy people might sometimes dress poor but deep within, everything about them starting from the kind of thoughts that go through their minds is what makes them who they truly are and what they represent.

They do no loud it. They do not advertise themselves but they advertise their business to those whose mission is to look rich and they are the ones who make the wealthy people rich. Because those who are wealthy are the select few with the guts to open businesses and those who are poor but look rich are those who got no business but always willing to spend the little money they have, patronizing their rich counterparts just to impress others.

On a personal note! What have I got that I need to impress other people? I am not looking for a girlfriend neither am I trying to prove to the world that I am rich when in reality I have not started counting in millions? I dress how I want to dress and I don’t get intimidated by anyone because of that. No matter what people say about me, I just don’t care. That’s how I live my life because my focus is on the race I am running and the goal is not to look rich but to be rich. So, if I start looking rich when I am not it means I am depriving myself of what my future reality should be.

I work so hard to be counted among those who are wealthy and it is only time that will tell if you have made the right choice or not. Create your one business today. I believe so much that that’s the best gift you can give yourself as a person as that will take up your energy in trying to figure out ways to grow your business which means you will have absolutely no time in selecting what to wear and you will have not time trying to impress other people because your goal is to watch that baby of yours grow to become a healthy human without any defects. And, one of the ways you can achieve this is by focusing on the future instead of faking to be what you are not in this present moment.

Think rich, be rich and don’t look rich.

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