The power of a vision

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What’s a vision if may ask you?

One definition says it is the faculty of being able to see. Another defines it as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Being able to see does not have to do with you looking at things in existence with your eyes.

Of course, we know the eyes were meant for seeing things but some people got their eyes but they are still blind. Vision controls the world. It rules the world. It reshapes the world.

Everything we see and enjoy in the world today was born out of the vision of one or more persons. People who can think and see into the future. People who feel they have got what it takes to recreate the world. That’s why today we have electricity, technology, airplane, automobiles, and electric vehicles.

Imagine if these thinkers didn’t go into the future when they did to be able to predict or create most of the things we enjoy today. Probably, the world would still be living the kind of lives that was led in the eighteenth century where people walk the face of the earth without shoes or possibly naked. Where there is no electricity and people only travel by riding horses or Camel, etc.

Vision is the reason why the world is what it is today. Vision is a thing of beauty because if you can look deeply into the future and come up with a vision that can make a difference, you will be recognized as one of those few people that have already made their mark on earth.

I remember growing up my father used to tell me stories of how they trek long distances every day going to school just because there were no cars at the time in the village. Today we have cars so much that their numbers could be chasing if not more than the number of humans already on the planet.

Innovations and inventions are born out of visions

People are still taking different kinds of trips to the future to predict what will happen in many years to come.

Have a vision and let your vision drive you to success.

Being able to go into the future is so beautiful that you will be far ahead of others. Why people are living here and making decisions based on the visions of others you are already somewhere else in the future trying to create a way of life for the future.

The Facebook that we enjoy today, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, the snap chat, etc, all of these social media were the visions of people who made it a goal to change the world. It took me years to realize that Google was a business of individuals like me. Imagine the number of money such an idea generates daily for the owners.

Vision will greatly reward you if you can work on it and make it a reality. Go into the future, study it, and predict it. Then, come back to the present and start working on making your predictions come true, it will be a lifetime of work for you but you will greatly be rewarded for daring to make a difference.

I am not writing this to confuse you but take a sneak peek at the lives of people who have predicted the future and see what they became. They became the richest people on earth. Let’s not talk about the likes of Henry Ford and the great minds of the past and focus on those living legends today that has somehow shaped our lives to fit into the future they created.

It is almost impossible for example to see a youth who does not have a Facebook or Instagram account. This is happening because the likes of Mark Zuckerberg decided to get you addicted to the world he created. Show me a man who does not use the google search engine, I doubt if such a person exists because everything that one is searching for in this world can be found in Google. Now go check the kind of lifestyle the creators of these products we have just spoken about lead. They are among the few richest people on earth.

Bill Gates saw into the future and predicted Microsoft. See how well he has fared. He was one time the richest man in the world with a net worth of $132 Billion. Jeff Bezos predicted space and e-commerce. He’s currently the richest man in the world with a net worth of $184 Billion. This man’s wealth is still growing, note that. Elon Musk, news reaching right now as I write this is that he’s no longer the richest man but as of a couple of days ago, he was worth $185.5 Billion as the richest man in the world. He predicted space, electric vehicles, etc.

These men worked and are working on their predictions. Of course, it is their vision and there is no way in the world they were going to let their visions just die like that. If they did, they had done a disservice to themselves and the world because tell me, imagine if there was no Google, of course, there will always be a substitute product but it will never be as effective as Google. Imagine if there was no Microsoft, a lot of companies tried to come up with a substitute but none was as good as Microsoft.

King Solomon in the Bible had a vision and he built the lord God a place of worship and one of the best palaces ever recorded in human history for himself.

When you have a vision I will advise, do not to announce it but secretly work your way daily towards making it a reality, and when you do, the world and the universe will reward you greatly for it. And, what’s most important is, your vision has the power and the ability to change the way things are done in the world. Your vision can alter the world and turn it into whatever you desire it to be.

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