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Daddy why did you do that? Daddy why did that car not obey the traffic light? Daddy why did you not buy me anything? Why this, why that? Kids ask these questions every time and they are always curious to understand the reasons behind every actions we take as adults. Sometimes, personally I get tired of answering the why questions from my kids because I also need answers to my why own “why” questions.

Why is one major reason why some people are doing so good in life and others who do not ask the why questions are failing.

People who ask why, always find a way to get the answers they seek.

And they always find the “How” by answering the “Why”.

People who don’t ask questions are always contented with whatever results they get thrown at. People should cultivate the habit of not just asking questions but asking the important “why” questions. Asking the right why can unlock great potentials in humans.

I might even surprise you that a lot of businesses were created by answering the “why”. Some of the huge organizations you see today exist because of one thing, to answer the pressing “why”s, that may have been affecting a lot of people and in trying to answer those “why”s, they create a business by discovering untapped opportunities.

Our inability to think and ask questions is one of the reasons why we seem to be stagnant.

A lot of people are where they have always been many years ago. (Comfort zone). They have been their doing nothing new to make the next exit. One who can’t think should at least ask questions and one who can’t ask the right questions will certainly stagnate for many years to come.

I took an inventory of my life some years ago and I made a discovery that shocked me. I found out that I was really not progressing even though it seemed like I was. This is one topic that we can discuss in later date as I discovered that one can be so busy doing a lot of unproductive things that do not in any way effect one positively. I also found out that some of the major problems I was having was that I was not asking questions.

I so much believed in my ability that I would just accept or discard whatever I formation I got without asking the right questions and this affected me so badly. My kids I would say really made me see things differently because they would never stop asking me why. They ask even the most stupid questions but later I found out that they were really learning a lot from asking some of these questions by the kind of conversation I get to hear from them.

Sometimes I get angry by the way and kind of questions they ask but I never stopped them from asking. I would always encourage them and that helped me a lot to look within and discover the real architect of my predicament. Thankfully, now, I ask a lot of questions. The moment started asking these questions I started seen great improvement in myself. I was gradually succeeding and things started taking shape in my business.

I am writing this and sharing some of these experiences so you will understand that as humans we all need to make findings as to why things are how they appear. You need to investigate things. It is when you do that, tgat you can come up with solutions and see reasons to why or even discover hidden opportunities. As I said earlier, your great organizations are thriving today just because they ask a lot of questions. Both the relevant and irrelevant ones at that.

Not going into details I will like you to know that there are so many innovations that are reshaping the world that were born out of just trying to answer the why questions. And most of these innovations are answers, solutions to the questions asked by innovators who are entrepreneurs, capable of utilising every opportunities available for business gains. Asking questions is not limited to certain people, it is one thing that everyone can do and I want to believe that it is actually a skill that can be learned and mastered.

Can one seriously master the art of asking questions? I may need to go into some sort of study to understand the possibility of mastering such skill and if it ever exists but if there is such as a thing as listening skills then, asking the why question can be a skill and it can also be mastered.

Asking the “why” questions, especially the relevant ones is a skill. Believe it or not, it is. Well, that’s my opinion and I know some people will want to try as much as they can to prove me wrong. Let me state this clear that everything I write or talk about is not to convince anybody or confuse you but I write based on experience and most of the topics you read on this site are based on personal experiences. My experiences are not what anyone should try and debunk because they are personal and mostly, why I document them is so as to help somebody somewhere that may be facing the same challenges that I had faced in life. So trying to prove me wrong may just be you trying to get yourself confused.

As I said, to ask questions is a skill. If businesses thrive and great innovations emanated just be trying to answer relevant questions, making innovators and entrepreneurs successful, why then should not the art of asking the “why” be a course that should be tutored in our various academic institutions? Don’t you think that’s a relevant “why” question? Now if properly asked and in trying to answer this question I create a great business around it, wouldn’t it be an answer to the fact that asking question is a skill that can be learned and mastered?

This is a course that we may likely start working on because I believe that there are so many people who will need it and I am convinced that once this course is available, it will help a lot of people understand that asking question, whether relevant or not is a noble thing that can really lead one towards greatness. Everyone should learn to ask questions.

Please let’s stop here for now, we will continue some other time.

God bless you


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