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Elem C
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I saw a post on IG this morning that got me thinking seriously about the priorities of our youths, today. The kind of things we invest our time in are so frivolous.

The youths today do not want to learn how to become better adults tomorrow especially in Nigeria.

Well, this is to me not peculiar to Nigeria alone.

There is a need to change this narrative and we must make it happen.

One might argue that for instance, African leaders are the reason why most African youths have remained stagnant, these days. No doubt, that’s an absolute truth. You see adult youths still living with their parents and unable to afford basic needs of life for themselves, why their parents still take care of things like feeding and clothing them.

I once lived in some neighborhood in some parts of Lagos State, Nigeria, where men, above 30 years of age live happily with their parents, they are not even thinking of making personal moves to upgrade themselves intellectually and otherwise.

Let’s not even talk of raising their own family because it is only a man who can take care of himself that can start thinking of taken care of a woman or raising a family.

I must confess, it is not such an easy thing for men out there but the fact remains that, a determined mind can achieve anything.

This isn’t supposed to be a very long post as my previous posts and I was not even in the mood of making this post but this has become disturbing that the priorities of men of today are no longer that which can gift them a better future.

One who is more interested in another man’s way of life cannot make his one life worth emulating.

You need to work thoroughly on yourself to become a better version of yourself, somebody your future self can be proud of. And, how do you do that? Certainly not by watching entertainment shows or engaging in ridiculous activities that showcase the lifestyles of celebrities. Those are the kind of things that are posted all over social media and you know what, they’re all fake.

The truth is, the same social media has everything to make you a better person but sadly you are more interested in the vices in it.

Learn to read more, study to become one of those whom you spend so much time idolizing. They do not have anything that you don’t have as well. The only difference is their willingness to make it and your laziness to work it.

People who are rich work every time, they don’t get to waste the most precious gift they’ve got which is time because they feel the little they have isn’t even enough to achieve all that they want to achieve while you out there are busy wasting the little time you got with the thought that you got enough to make up for the lost time.

Foul, foul foul, fouuuuuul.

You must be a joke to ever think you can regain the time you have wasted and what’s even more dangerous is the posterity will definitely be unkind to you because you used all your time while you had them for frivolities, it will remember you as nothing but a BIG failure.

Make your life mean something today and desist from getting entertained by the silly posts of celebrities or rich folks and work on making your life mean something.

You can’t be entertaining poverty at your own expense.

The money you used for internet was yours so make it count and get yourself something worthwhile on the internet instead of spending quality time on frivolities.

This goes to validate my book “the 7 essential liabilities you must desperately turn to assets” get a copy of it and it will teach you how to make your time count by using some gadgets like your mobile device for monetary value.

In our next post we will be talking about time management!

Watch out for it.

God bless you


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