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There is money in every business! If you are determined to make money from the business you are currently doing you will make the money, it all depends on you and your ability to see to it that you made it. Recently, maybe because most billionaires in the world today are tech gurus I believe that to be one of those who control the world one must own a business that has something to do with tech. But, that isn’t the case for the richest man in China.

Guess what he does, this man makes and sells bottled water. Yes, you heard me right. You might want to google it and see for yourself. His name is Zhong Shanshan and, he is richer than the great Alibaba founder Jack Ma. Making and selling of bottled water according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index has brought an estimated $94 billion empire to him. Zhong Shanshan is currently the 7th richest person in the world, ahead of Warren Buffett and Google Co-founder, Sergey Brin. I found it hard to believe also but finally, I have no choice.

In the past, I have always thought of businesses in agriculture or, consumable goods because I realized early in life that no matter what happens, people must eat, and of course, they must drink water. You might have to stop neglecting the sales of water because truth there is raw money in that business. I have always why people kept doing the doing business even though it seems as though they are making nothing out of it but then I realized that people will never say bye to a business that is making them money.

People, who say pure water manufacturers cannot make it to the too are simply deceiving themselves because the truth is, that is another industry where the money is hidden. When I first heard the name Zhong Shanshan, I thought to myself, what tech company does he run that I have not heard of, at least, we all know what the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos do when it comes to tech and for several decades now the founders of tech companies have been the ones occupying the too when it comes to the richest people on earth. Who could have ever given a thought to the reality facing us today that a bottled water seller can be one of those who now control the world? What does that tell you? It means that money is everywhere but only those who have eyes can see it.

There are many ways to rise to the top and it is obvious now that pure water manufacturers can also make it to the top as it is now proven that making and selling water is one of the many ways to make it to the top.

Do you even know that the Chinese billionaire Zhong Shanshan is the richest person in Asia and not just in China? And the 66-year-old billionaire chairs both bottled water company Nongfu Spring and vaccine maker Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise. In 2020 alone, he made more than $70 billion.

Rich people don’t make noise you know.

It has been reported that Zhong is known as the “Lone Wolf” who rarely makes public appearances or speaks to the media. He lives a simple life.

I am writing this story just for the simple reason that money is everywhere but opened to those who got what it takes to make it. And consistency is a key business skill that attracts money to you. A lot of people go into business just because others are doing it. A lot of people want to go into tech just because tech seems to be it factor when it comes to amassing wealth forgetting that other businesses could also bring in much more results than tech.

At least we can all see that today that the richest man in Asia simply makes and sell bottled water, a business a lot of people might think does not have what it takes to bring in wealth but the truth is, not just bottled water, every business tends to make your rich as long as you are consistent and determined to make something worthwhile out of the business you are called out to do.

Even if it is sand that you are selling, one thing I want you to k ow today is that with the right mindset, the sky is only your starting point, nothing can stop you from attaining greatness. Just believe in yourself and do the right thing, concentrate on making your business no matter what it is you do a priority, and in the end, you will very have you did.

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