There is no limit to what you can accomplish!

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There is no limit to what I can accomplish. The first time I heard that statement, it about eleven years ago at the University of Ibadan. I have gone with my friend Frank for our ISMM inauguration. It was supposed to be the anthem of the institution. It fired me up immediately after the inauguration and I felt so gingered to go out there and win. Discovering that there was no limit to what I can achieve or accomplish made me realize that everything is possible if only I could be focused and coordinated.

The same thing goes for everyone. We all have in abundance what it takes to achieve anything and everything that we desire to accomplish. It is just a matter of planning and organizing ourselves.

The future is brighter than the present but we have only got the present to make the right decision for a better future.

So, what are you doing currently to be able to position yourself for a great future? What you are doing now matters a lot. You need to put in a lot of hard work to make your tomorrow easy for you. Don’t mortgage your future by making wrong choices today. No doubt, there are many distractions out there, so many external forces will make you lose focus but it depends on you to understand that where you are headed is more important than those forces trying to stop you and you have got to do everything to continue on that journey no matter how the roads are.

No smooth road to success.

This is the reason we have more quitters than winners. Realizing how far and the sacrifices one needs to make to accomplish one goal is enough to hinder one from even trying.

As I said, the road is rough but to survive it, you have got to be tough.

Whatever you set out to accomplish is out there for you, it is within your grasp. You have to go for it with everything you have. You to so much desire to want it so badly, want it like the air you breathe. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. You have to be ready to accept the challenges that come your way. You have to get hurt and sometimes lose yourself in the moment. You have to make it your everyday affair to give the daily time of yours towards the accomplishment of your goals.

Whatever it is you have decided you want to accomplish, make it a part of you. Make it your identity. Let people know you for it because it is your business. Make your business a part of your daily life and live that life to the fullest. Never marginalize the part of your life that will guarantee your better tomorrow. It is another form of suicide when you do that. You have to live that life like nothing else matters because this is where the battle is fought.

Living today for your tomorrow is making all effort to making your life worth it. A lot of people do not have a life. What they have is something one cannot be proud of. A kind of life that is as good as death itself. Is that a life that you want to live tomorrow? I guess not. So how are you holding up? Do not be scared of working for what you want especially when you have a big dream to accomplish. It is said that everything you want in life is on the other side of fear and you know where the other side of fear is. You have to have unshakable faith in yourself and the dreams, you want to accomplish.

Those dreams of yours should be really big and scary. You need to look at them and get amazed and then try as much as possible to ensure the accomplishments of your dreams. Trying to be successful is something of a choice. You can have a dream and discard it and at the same time, you can have a dream and decide to work on it. The choice is yours and no matter what your decision is, you can never arrive at the same destination.

If you are too tired or too lazy to work on your dreams today towards its accomplishment, then you will live your later years in regret. But if you decide to work on your dreams today by taking all the pains and hurts not minding the discomfort that you will feel, you will benefit a whole lot when your future eventually arrives.

It’s a two-way thing, either you work now and enjoy yourself in abundance later or you play now and suffer hardship later. It’s all your choice. So what’s it gonna be? Will it be work now and play later or play now and work later? I have made my choice and that’s exactly why I take the pain of writing every day what you have been reading on the blog. Whether you get to read it today or tomorrow, it makes no difference, what matters is the content is out there for your use and whenever you come across it, the information will still be as potent as it is now.

Whether or not it generates any form of income in the future, I wouldn’t know. I am fulfilled already for writing as this is part of what I have decided to do and doing it every day is one thing that gives me joy. I will feel dead if a day passes by without me writing. So you see how important this is to me.

Notwithstanding, I have a lot of dreams to accomplish, and right now, I am still not feet to work on them which means that writing is the only thing I can do every day to move close to what I intend to achieve pending when I am fully able to start working on other things towards the same goal.

Writing keeps me sane at the moment.

It makes lots of sense because I still have the dream of also becoming one of the greatest and bestseller authors on the planet. Now you understand why this matters so much to me.

You can get a copy of my book.

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