There will never be a perfect moment for you to do something!

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I woke this morning feeling elated. You know why, the sense of accomplishment since the second edition of our Pathfinders magazine was launched has been driving me to be more daring in terms of the kind of goals I set for myself. I know one thing that whatever I choose to do must be done and whatever I set out myself to accomplish, no matter how long it takes must be accomplished definitely.

I have done it before and I will do it again. There is never a doubt in my ability.

Another thing that makes the whole thing interesting is, some of the accomplishments that I have were from projects that I started when I had every reason to give excuses why I should not carry on with them. Did you read our yesterday’s publication about excuses? The time has never been right for me to do anything just like it is for people who always succeed in whatever they do but I guess what, I do them anyways.

I saw this online one morning on IG and I felt wow, this is it. This must be shared to get people to wake up. A lot of people are sleeping waiting for the right moment to strike. There is no right moment. Every moment is the right moment. The condition will never be perfect for you to do what you need to do. The man who wrote this to me is a genius. He said, as I read on his IG page that “The Talibans took over a country in slippers and you are still waiting for a perfect moment to get something started”.

Yeah you can read that again. The story of the Talibans is no strange one to all of us. Amazingly, having fought America for twenty whole years, they emerged victorious. Forget all that had been said or written about them the truth is they had a cause in mind and they were willing and ready to die as they kept dying for it and in the end, the moment was never right for them but they did the unthinkable. You saw the Americans giving excuses as to why they had to leave. In the end, who won? You know the rest.

Boko Haram for example has waged war on Nigeria for more than a decade now and if care is not taking, just like the Talibans, they will win. Nobody prays for the fall of any country but the wit and zeal these terrorists use in fighting their causes are something that should be taught in schools. They apply every strategy they can muster and the foolish sympathetic government keeps budging. Well, I do not pray for the almost inevitable the way things are going.

Let’s not dwell on that, the point t I am trying to make here is, terrorists fight their battles in the most uncomfortable circumstances. They know that when caught they die unlike in Nigeria where they are pardoned which even makes life easy for them. They can actually carry out their terror and still be rewarded for it. But in the case of the Talibans, they knew it would never be easy for them, they didn’t whyne or complain or give excuses as to why they would not continue. Americans were a huge threat but they didn’t back down. They continued and the rest is history.

What are you doing about your dream? What’s stopping you from making the most important move of your life today? Are you waiting for the money you need to start up to be completed? That will never happen because even if it does you might not be able to manage it well. I am just saying because I don’t think I have ever since where Pathfinders started with all the money needed. You start small and then grow. Oh, I am waiting for the right time to begin. There will never be a right time for you to start.

The truth about doing something is, if you wait, nothing gets done.

The best and the only time available for you as I always say is now so it’s either you start now or you don’t.

The Talibans fought for twenty years. We will discuss more on this, the importance of perseverance on a later date. In the end what happened, the more they persevered the closer they are to victory and just like vapour the American dissipated. That’s the power of determination.

The strongest opponent is someone who has nothing to lose.

This is why failure is a great teacher because when you fail, you learn that you have nothing else to lose so you give it your all.

The Talibans had nothing to lose as they had lost everything in the past and when pushed against the wall they fought back. There was never a perfect moment for them to strike but they kept on striking and striking and the almighty world power gave in to defeat even though they could call it whatever they want but in my book, as long as the Talibans were victorious the Americans were defeated.

How did they do it? As I said, the wits of the terrorists is something that should be studied. Terrorists to me are the only people who once they conceive an idea, a cuase, they begin to work on it immediately. They don’t wait for the right moment. They hit you when you least expect it and that’s never a good moment but they will keep to it till they either die trying or gain victory.

Apply such wit into your life and watch yourself grow into a beast that never gives up or waits for anyone or the right moment to get something done. Apply that into your business and watch how you will continually scale, achieve success upon success. Entrepreneurs, Pathfinders think like these terrorists. They do what needs to be done when they are not ready but they just have to do it. Even when they fail or see no reason to do it they constantly pressure themselves to act and act immediately.

You see that’s the difference between the poor and the rich, while you wait for the right moment, the rich act and by the time the right moment comes for you, they are many killometers away from you.

Act now and act fast! Time waits for no one.

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