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A lot of people feel that being an entrepreneur gives your freedom and independence, as you no longer need to be answerable to an insensitive and demanding boss who calls for your head anytime anything goes wrong in the business. Sure, it might seem true but what most people fail to understand is, you work even more when you manage your business if you desire to witness its growth.

A lot of people, myself inclusive are guilty of believing that once you start up your own business, you automatically become your own boss and no one gets to order you around anymore, far from it. Entrepreneurs sheen over the reality of believing such acclaimed truth as they know that their reality is that, they have a boss.

There is one man who has the power to fire everyone in any company including the business owner by taking his/her money elsewhere, that man is the customer.

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I had a conversation with a very close friend of mine who inquired how my work was going. He said, bro, you are now a big boy who has been working for many years. In responding to what he said, I told him that, if you are in any job where you earn the same pay for five years in Nigeria with the current economy, it means you have no job, or instead of growing you are actually declining. Even if your salary gets increased by 50% in two years, am sorry, you’re still suffering.

People would argue that the crisis of the world at the moment would mean that everyone should cherish their job and even accept pay cut willingly or risk losing their jobs entirely. To some extent, that might sound like a fact considering the stance of the country as a result of continuous corruption and poor management of resources. Let’s not dwell there. The truth is, if you get a pay cut or get dismissed from your present job, you should’ve expected that, after all, it was never your business and the risk of getting dismissed from a business that is not yours will always be there.

Let’s call a spade what it is and say it truthfully, working in another man’s business does not guarantee you wealth and freedom. Don’t get me wrong, working for your own business does not equally guarantee you freedom and independence but the difference is, if properly executed, working for yourself can bring in enormous wealth.

Back to the conversation with the friend I told you about earlier, I had to tell him I was trying every means possible to grow my business and I have worked back to back, hustling with every ounce of my breath to ensure my business grows. Wow, you’re even bigger than I thought he said to me, come on, you must be a free man now. At least you will get to resume work whenever you want and you won’t answer yes sir to any man or woman, henceforth.

On the contrary, I told him that in trying to build my business to the level I want it to get to, am even working harder than I used to. Unfortunately, when you work for someone’s business, you have limited number of people you call your boss depending on the level of the business, but, when you work for yourself, everyone becomes your boss. I will explain because, at the time that the statement got out from my mouth, he was perplexed, in shock and trying to make sense of what I had just said.

No doubt, you’re free from the long hours of nine to five corporate world style of work, No need wearing yourself off due to the fact that you have an insensitive boss who always calls for your neck anytime anything goes wrong, anymore.

As pointed out, now the reality facing all entrepreneurs and on the contrary to the conceived perception of many that the entrepreneurs do not have to suffer from the hands of their bosses as they do not have any, the reality that you need to get into your head today is that the entrepreneurs have bosses too.

The entrepreneurs are bosses because they have people who answer to them. The staffs working in the businesses of the entrepreneur considers him or her the boss. The reality of the entrepreneur is, s/he does not see himself or herself as the boss as s/he believes that there is someone else out there who’s got the key to further the growth or the decline of the business and, that one person out there who has the ultimate say towards the direction of the business is the customer, that is the one person the entrepreneur considers the boss.

Customers needs are of the utmost importance so, it will be very wrong for businesses to presumptuously to ignore the needs of the customers by dictating what the customers want. That will b digging the early grave of where your business will be buried. It is pertinent for business owners or business managers to constantly ask the customs for feedback to understand why they truly need and translate such feedbacks into products or upgrade existing products to meet the needs and appease of the customers.

If as a businessman you happen to create challenging features of products that have no real benefits to your customers, even if the products are meat, beautiful but didn’t add any value to the customers, an sorry that product will definitely not see the light of the day.

As a businessman, you must be especially careful to listen to your customers, understand their feelings and see things from their view to know exactly what they want to avoid unnecessary backlash from the customers who are unhappy with your products or services. You need to understand that the customer has the power to make your business and you must consider them as the bosses and try everything possible to keep them on the side of your business, turning them to ambassadors who can speak about your brand even in your absence, as the recommendation from a customer will go a long way keeping your business in business for the right profit which is the ultimate goal of every businessman.

The realisation of the role the customer plays towards the growth or decline of businesses is one reason we have decided that we will do everything possible to listen to our customers and ensure they get the maximum satisfaction anytime they do business with us.

In response to who the boss of the entrepreneur is, the boss is the customer.

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Thank you, my customer!

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