Time is not money!

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This is a question that needs no public answer. You just need to ask yourself and answer it from within. Time is precious. Time is money. What are you doing with your time? Are you wasting it? Are you being productive with it? It’s all up to you to make good use of your time, no one’s gonna do that for you. No one’s gonna help you make use of your time. Certainly, no one will organise your time to you. That’s your job and your job, alone. That’s the bitter truth.

Now, speaking of the truth. The saying that time is money is in my estimation not so correct. Not that is not correct but, is not a hundred per cent accurate. For example, a lot of people waste their time on things that do not bring in any monetary value to them. Their day to day activities. The kind of people they hang out with. The type of places they go, to spend time, every day. I know some guys who literally live in a betting house. They stay there from morning to night, wasting time, in hopes of getting cash rewards for the bet they played. They do this year in year out.

The rate at which we waste our time in this country is such that we forget that the time continues to tick without stopping. Whether you are making use of it or not, it never stops. Tick. Tick. Tick. It goes. On and on and it goes. It never stops. No matter what you are doing with it, it won’t stop. It goes slowly, seconds might mean nothing initially but, sixty of it, in a jiffy, is one minute. It keeps going, just like that. From minutes to hours, from hours to days, from days to weeks, from weeks to months and by the time you know, one year, two years and more. Just like that. By the time you look back, you will be shocked at how much time has gone by, but the reality that will hit you sadly is, you achieved nothing.

When I was younger, I have in one particular occasion stopped our clock from ticking thinking that it would actually stop the time. The clock stopped working in my house but, time never stopped ticking. That faithful day, I failed to finish up some work for my mom, I didn’t want her feeling like I was not capable or not able to carry out my duties. She expected so much from me so there was no way I was going to let her down. She had gone out. She had faith in me to finish up the work she left unfinished. Unfortunately, I was so engulfed, playing with my friends that I forgot that I had works to do.

By the time I realised how foolish I was, it was late. Time was far spent. I was so angry at myself. Knowing that my mom would be disappointed in me and that would make her feel bad got me feeling terrible. I need to do something to change the situation. After thinking of what to do and nothing came up, I resulted in adjusting our time. How naive and silly I was to think that was the solution to the mess I had made. Thankfully, I started working and I was almost done before she got back. She was a bit indifferent. She expected that the job would have been completed before she reached home.

I told her it was just a matter of little time and I would be done. I told her there was still time. With my mischief, I thought I had won myself the luxury of time to finish up before her arrival. I never knew that all I did was stop our clock from functioning. Time was as a matter of fact ticking faster than ever before. That day, I learned the bitter lesson that, stopping our clock from functioning does not mean that time will stop ticking.

Oftentimes I find myself going back to the days when I was a much younger teenager. Those days, I felt that I had all the time in the world in abundance. I was spending so much time on frivolous activities. To read my school books was a serious work I only did during texts and exams. Unlike now that I hardly sit down to watch the TV, then I could spend a whole night in front of the screen.

Time is precious. We say time is money. No. Never. Time is not money. Though, time is valuable. What you don’t know about time is, time is more precious than money. I don’t like it when people say time is money. When you say the time I money, you squat time with money. In a more actual fact, time is far more precious, more important, more valuable than money.

Let me break it down for you. Money lost or money wasted can always be recovered. When you lose money on possibly failed investments or, maybe frivolities, you can always get the money back with the right investment plan and determination. Now, tell me, when you waste or lose your time, or let’s says, all the time you have wasted in this world, how many of the time wasted have you ever recovered? None of it I suppose.

People should learn how to stop equating time with money. They are not in the same league. Money lost today can be recovered tomorrow in full of double but time lost today can never be recovered. Time is more precious, more valuable, more important, more and more expensive than money.

Time has no price tag and can never be bought. With money, you can buy anything and almost everything, you can’t buy time. With time well spent, you can earn the highest amount of money any human being can possibly earn.

Time is very important. Do not waste it. If you do, it will deprive you of most of the benefits you can get from it.

Time Is not money. Time is far more valuable than money! But, if time is money to you, note that money, on the other hand, can never buy time.

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