We all have the same amount of time!

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Sixty seconds of one minute, sixty minutes of one hour and twenty four hours of one day. We can go on and on and on and on till one year, many years and still counting. Time keeps ticking, none stop. You know of a fact that time waits for no one and whatever amount of time wasted can never be regained. I am still researching on this to see the possibility of debunking the fact that time wasted cannot be regained but so far, I have not made any progress.

The thing about time is, even if you try to stop your clock from ticking, time keeps moving and even if the watches or the clocks never existed, you could still tell the difference between night and day. Time keeps moving and the more it moves, the older you become. This is another reality that no matter how you try to, you can’t run away from it.

A lot of people especially those who don’t have money will claim that they don’t have enough time anf that’s why they are poor. What? Really? You might be wondering if what I just said is true or not but I am not going to state any instances even though I have heard someone say that before.

Time is allocated to everyone in equal proportion. You, me, no matter who we are on the surface of the earth or what we are, humans and animals alike, we all have the same amount of time. There is a huge difference though. The difference is one of the many factors that separate the rich from the poor. The time allocated to everyone on Earth is equal and no one gets more time than the other person. If there is anyone on Earth who enjoys more than twenty four hours in a day, seriously I will like to meet such a person.

I will never meet anyone of such because there is no such thing on Earth. How some people get to use more than twenty four hours in a day is another topic that I will really like to discuss in a later date just like time management. I will tell you all about how some people especially those who controls money and know how to make money use their time that it so seems like they have more time at their disposal than others.

If you feel you don’t have enough time to achieve anything, is because you don’t know how to manage the time that you are allocated and that simply means that even if you are given more time you will still fail to manage it well. That’s a fact and i can prove it to you. Is just like the story of the men that were given different talents in the scripture, while those who got more decided to increase what they got, the one who got less was silly enough, out of the foolishness of his heart could not utilise the talent that was given to him and what happened, even what he got was taken from him and given to those who got more. That’s the same with managing your time and in the case of time, no one has more time than another. Rich or poor, tall or short, man or woman, black or white, we all have the same amount of time.

The question now is, why is it that some people make use of their time well why others do not and still feel there isn’t enough time? Look at those who manage their time well like the billionaires that control the economy of the world, they all just like everyone else have the same amount of time but they know exactly how important time is and, they know how to manage it. They never engage in any frivolous activities that will waste their time. Their time consumption is centered on services that produce valuable results and they reap equal amount of benefits from the time consumed.

What are you doing g with your time? Are you wasting it or judiciously using it? If you are wasting it, I am certain you are reaping the results now! Even if you are not at the moment, there is every chance that you will certainly reap the fruit of your labour in equal proportion of the amount of time that you wasted. If you are using it judiciously, possibly putting in a great amount of work in creating quality prodicts and services, one thing is sure, you will definitely be rewarded and that kind of result is always massive.

Luckily, every human created by God has something very unique in common. At least asides the fact that someone who’s the richest man on Earth has extremely more money than you have, the good news is, both of you and every other person have one thing which is very important in common and that is, twenty four hours in a day. Though some people have a way of making theirs twenty five while others even create more time than others. This is what everyone can do and as I said, we will discuss that in a later date. For now, let’s concentrate on the fact that the same amount of time that the poorest man in Nigeria enjoys in a day is what the richest man in America enjoys as well. Why then do the richest man in America become extremely rich while the poorest man in Nigeria is extremely poor?

The fact that the poorest man on Earth, I don’t know who that is shares the same amount of time with the richest man on Earth is an indication that everyone has the same amount of time required to be successful. It is also an indication that the amount of time that we all have is enough for us. It also shows in clarity that time management is a skill that once mastered can make a lot of difference. It has now become very clear that while some people are busy making great impacts with the time they have, others are also very busy wasting the little time that they have and in the end, they blame those who used their time well for their own failure.

Time waits for no one!

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