We rise by lifting others!

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We rise by lifting others a popular quote by Robert Ingersoll that was made more popular by Davido, I still remember the day he made that statement in one of the Headies award some few years ago. After that statement a number of people felt he was just talking for the sake of it or just saying what aren’t real but in reality Davido was saying the absolute truth. He was letting the world know what he’s made of and the kind of human he had and would always be. He actually gave the world a hint but I guess a lot of people never took him seriously and a lot more even thought he was just making things up. David was actually giving a hint and disclosing the secret of success to us while we disregarded and did what we are most known to do by discussing the headlines and not taking seriously what he was all about. For the past few days, David has been trending online for another great reason example, taking us back once again to that same quote he made some years ago but this time going a bit ahead to prove the authenticity of that quote.

For over ten years Davido has been relevant in the music scene, dishing out hit upon hit and from the look of things, it feels there a lot more millions of hits in that young man. The artist known as Davido is chap from a wealthy home but having observed him over the years one thing I have come to realize is that Davido is not one of those rich kids who relied and depended on the family’s wealth, refusing to work, on the contrary, Davido has for over the years worked even harder than the majority of us and hes still working so hard day in day out like has achieved nothing even after winning awards upon awards and amassing so much millions as they case obviously is. The 30BG leader is one personality that is worth emulating. A perfect example of one who does what he loves and enjoys what he does is Davido because asides music, he can decide to work in the family business and still be even richer than he currently is but, he chose to do what he loves and guess what, hes working extremely hard everyday that today, hes one of the best three in the whole of Africa.

Davido has always been trending for a myriad of reasons, if not for baby mama saga, is for other reasons that I do not feel are worth mentioning here because this post is for a certain reason and we are driving at that gradually.

Talking about trending, for a number of days or week now, Davido has been on the lips of everyone in Nigeria. It was his birthday season so the young man as usual started something that every celebrity is wondering whether or not they would succeed if they tried the same thing. Guess what, I can mention just a few celebrity that in my estimation I can say would get the same reaction or more that Davido got if they tried it but lets not go into that. You should know that our posts on this site are not for gossips or just random entertainment news, maybe in the future we can do some of that but for now, I will just remind you that the reason why Davido is making the headline on our post here is because of the secret of success that he subtly dished out that is breeding great reward and yet so many people do not understand what it means to pay your dues which Davido has always been doing. When Davido made the quote, “We rise by lifting others”, he knew exactly what he was saying and now, it is clear that he was not just talking for the sake of it. He was making a great deal of sense. This is one secret that everyone who desires to be great should try and imbibe. The wisdom thereof is highly profitable. A lot of other celebrities, as I said I wont mention anyone of them now come out to thank Davido. David indeed deserves to be appreciated.

As I was saying, Davido posted that he wanted to know who his friends are and demanded that they give him a token each just to show that they are his friends, also to make it known that he had paid his dues for years by helping others and lifting a whole lot of people and guess what, after that post was made, in just about few hours, Davido received more than N150,000,000 and still counting. I am not about to start counting someone else money so I am not here to give you the right figure, I just want to point out the importance and the secret of how and why Davido was able to set such pace courageously and it paid off in just a matter of hours. This clearly shows the kind of human Davido is in spite of his shortcoming as a human being. Hes a great fellow, someone that everyone wants to associate themselves with. Davido is a blessing to this generation and it is evident by the amount of money he received by so many people home and aboard in just hours. Mind you, the money is still flowing into his account. Even as write, if I have the means of that kind of money right now I will definitely send to David. I may not have benefited from him in the past but for the fact that he had always been a source of joy into the lives of other people, especially those who do not have the means of survival, he’s won my respect and he won it from the moment he made the quote many years ago.

If only some of the celebrities trying to replicate what David just did know what Davido has done in the lives of other people or how many scholarships he has given to poor kids that had no hope of going to school or how many people he had lifted to millionaires status to receive the kind of love he is receiving they will think again and simply shut up. Before you decide to turn yourself to a beggar, give first and one thing people should understand is that, Davido got all the money he got from fellow celebrities and people who had the money to give. Another thing that is worthy of note is that, even if David is going down today, all the people that he had lifted in the past will never allow him to get down, they will do everything possible to ensure they keep him on top. That’s the absolute meaning of “We rise by lifting others” Thanks you David.

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