What are the roles of multinationals Companies in the face of Covid-19 Pandemic!

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Covid-19 pandemic is hugely a pandemic of superior nature. The word pandemic is not foreign. With the least education or with it’s immediate fame, it is known almost in totality so, let’s not waste precious time trying to educate ourselves on what pandemic is. The history of Covid-19 is not also alien. Wuhan, China did a major blow to the world at large and, no one seems to be recovering from this blow to say the least.

The epidemic disease, which started like a joke in Wuhan, China, back in November 2019, has resulted to another epidemic of crime in the streets of Lagos. Eighty percent of the men in mainland Lagos, have unexpectedly become vigilante group members. The Corona virus is doing a major damage! The fear of robbery is another traumatizing terror. Just the thought of it gives one palpitations.

Unfortunately, the world health organization (WHO) seems to be playing some politics, pampering China instead of holding the nation accountable. Some news bodies on YouTube alleged that the WHO are covering up China’s secrets, with the opinion that the WHO was busy searching for a suitable name for the virus with no linkage to Wuhan or China as it is known today, instead of taking immediate precautions for the safety of the world’s populace. Now the human race is threatened as a result of their corrupt negligence. Now, the global community is in complete lock down.

Lock down:

The lock down, especially in Nigeria and as it continues to be extended by the federal government without any or adequate means of relief packages is just a paradigm of the destructive side of the safety of the masses.

As earlier stated, life is been threatened by hoodlums.

The stress, hunger, boredom, anxiety, the fear of loss of control of human lives now kill before the Covid-19.

Mistakes are bound to be repeated

So true. We live in a world where mistakes get repeated constantly. History proves that we have had repeated cases of pandemics that have claimed thousands of lives. Just few years ago, we had the H1N1 flu, the Ebola, the sars, etc. One would think that the Ebola outbreak, though contained would have thought the world some serious lesson. So sad, nations of the world do not learn from experiences.

The impact on business.

This is absolutely what most people are concerned about. The impact on human lives and survival should be the major concern but organisations care more about making more money in the face of this deadly pandemic. Commodity prices increase as major businesses keep amassing profits to the detriment of the masses. Though, there is a huge decline in the economy. This isn’t the point, even though it is mentioned. After the Ebola outbreak back in 2014 or thereabouts, it could have been thought that multinationals would have invested on pandemic resilience, no, they didn’t. The profits are more important. Something worse than the Ebola in Covid-19 has now exposed the under preparedness and global vulnerability.

What are they doing about it?

Internationally, big brands are helping massively with the fight against the Covid19 pandemic with medical help, cash donations, relief packages, etc. Businesses like distelleries ad breweies, Ford, Dyson, LVMH, Roche, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc have all been loud in their support and the effects of their supports are apparent.

Here in Nigeria, the question this series is asking is what are our big business whose magnanimity and community development are so huge as assumed doing to the people of Nigeria?. The great masses who are the major instrument to their successes.

This piece is not interested in the looted billions donated to the government that can’t be accounted for, it is only interested in direct interface with the people, the communities in Nigeria, what have they done so far far.

As one of our Twitter mentor stated a couple of days ago, that if the Covid-19 enters community transmission state in Lagos, Kanu, Ogun and Abuja for example, then we are truly in trouble.

Before this truly gets out of hands like it is going gradually going by the daily NCDC update, what are the Telecom giants, the Shoprites, NBs, Tobacco companies, Oil and gas companies, the DSTVs, Dangote group of companies to mention a few doing in terms of relief package, pandemic resilience, etc in the face of this deadly tiny virus that has humbled the world at large?

In our new update we shall be calling out these big multinationals one at a time as this has become something threatening the human existence in entirety.

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