What do you know about the Nigerian Billionaires?

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming one yourself or achieving such a feat in your lifetime? To be called a wealthy man or billionaire is something that everyone wishes for but how many people are actually working towards becoming one? Some of these names are not new, even children know who some of these men are. They are not celebrities yet they are richer than all our lousy, bunch of celebrities who with little money flaunts everything about themselves on social media just to intimidate others. People who are rich don’t make noise, only poor people do.

I guess the only time we saw Dangote and the likes making any remarkable casual social media presence was the time they were seen in Dubai, (it was a gathering of billionaires I guess) shouting gelato. You saw it too I believe. You can check online for the post and I guarantee, you will see it. The internet never forgets and that’s the more reason why you need to be extremely careful with what you do with your time on social media.

What do you know about the richest black man in the world for example? asides the fact that’s he’s a Nigerian, what else do you know about him? You see, after that gelato post that was spoken about, personally, i haven’t seen this man of wealth online again for such casualty. I really love minding my business, that’s why probably i may not have seen any other such post from these billionaires, but if there really was such again, i doubt it and am sure major bloggers would have posted it.

Now am still going to ask you again, what do you know about the richest men in Nigeria or the richest black man in the world. The fact that Aliko Dangote is black shows that colour is not a deterrent for you to make the Forbes magazine, top billionaire’s list. Kanye West is already on that list and, it shows that anyone can be named depending on your determination and hard work.

Men who are as wealthy as Aliko Dangote work very hard. For example, Dangote works harder than you can imagine. The majority of you might be thinking that a man as rich as Dangote does nothing else than sit around, touring the world, enjoying his wealth. No. That’s not the case. Burna Boy had already informed us in his hit track “Dangote” where he pointed out that the richest black man in the world is still looking for money. What then are you doing? Dangote still dey find money (Burna Boy 2019).

The first time i heard that hit track by the African giant Burner Boy, i asked myself the same question Burna asked, who am i not to work for money if Dangote, as wealthy as he is, still looks for money every day?

Now, talking about Aliko Dangote for example, I went to his IG page and this is what I discovered. He is known as the global business owner, philanthropist and he’s also an enthusiast. No wonder he’s the richest black man in the world. He works very hard. He works harder than you and I, that’s probably why you don’t see him on social media. What’s amazing is that he had just about 191k followers.

Isn’t this an indication of where our priorities are? You want to be successful but you are not following the most successful black man in the world to learn his secrets. A pastor once said that the reason why Nigerian youths are suffering is that they spend more time following fraudsters who will not add any positive values to their lives instead of following successful men who can teach them the secrets of attaining success. This, clearly shows the priority of lazy Nigeria youths.

In one of his interviews, Dangote made a revelation that he works for 18 hours every day. Tell me, how can a man who works for 18 hours out of 24 hours not been richer than an ordinary man like you who spend most of your time sleeping and watching TV?

The wealthy men in Nigeria are wealthy because of the choices they made. They decided to work hard to etch their names in the book of wealth that for generations to come, people will still refer to them just the same way the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, etc, to mention but just a few are referred.

As poor as Nigeria might seem due to mismanagement of resources and corruption by the leaders, the opportunity to become wealthy yourself in Nigeria is enormous. The problem is there are so many distractions. Social media is busy, feeding us with daily doses of the distractions to keep us busy in a stagnated position.

People who buy most of the trash dumped at them on social media are those so not focused on becoming successful themselves, this is the reason they accept every trash thrown at them. (And they do so with their little hard-earned money)

This is the reason they remain where they are, and they are also the same set of people who argue about everything on social media. Ever seen Folorunsho Alakija, Theophilus Danjuma, Leo Stan Eke, Femi Otedola for example or Mike Adenuga arguing on social media? Never.

You might probably see Dino Melaye or Atiku Abubakar commenting on every post shared on SM, those are politicians who will do everything to get the masses on their sides. The real entrepreneurs are busy reading about new success stories or biographies of past successful people, inventing new projects and adding new skills to their wealth of knowledge.

Have you noticed one thing about these billionaires, you don’t see them often on the news. The only time they make the news is probably when they achieve an important feat. They don’t let social media scuttlebutt distract them from their financial pursuit.

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