When Money speaks, everyone listens!

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There is a popular saying in Nigeria that money stops nonsense.

I have never heard any better truth than that. Money stops nonsense and a man who has money commands respect from everyone around. The thing is, the man who has money might not be the one respected but people respect the money he has. Yes, money truly stops nonsense. It is this money that everyone is chasing today that the world seems to have lost direction because people keep doing so many things, harming other people just for the sake of money. Imagine creating a viral disease as alleged to kill people just because you want to sell and make money from the sales of your vaccines or drugs. Isn’t that evil of a high magnitude.

Money is good and must be made. I believe so much that with consistency and hard work, discipline and wisdom, man has what it takes to make money.

Unfortunately, today, people no longer want to follow that route, they want the money quicker that they do not want to work for it or wait for their turn. That has become the natural phenomenon today and it is gradually making most of our youth lazy. But come to think of it, they are not lazy, anyone who can think of evil means of making money can also channel such energy into more legitimate means to chase the same money. That’s a topic for another day but for now, let’s just concentrate on money and the language it speaks.

Money is the one thing that speaks a unique language which is not English, French, Igbo, Yoruba, Spanish or German, etc. Money does not speak any of the above languages and money does not even obey all those grammatical errors we were taught in school. But the thrill is, when money talks, everyone hears it. It speaks in an unfamiliar language yet, everyone understands it. I read on IG somewhere that when money speaks no one cares to check the error in the grammar. Money to me does not make any grammatical errors and the language it speaks, since it is not a language belonging to a particular race or people is clear for anyone with a keen mind to grasp.

Money makes the world go around, that’s why it is the rich who runs the affairs of the world today.

That’s the reason why some set of people have the guts to decide who does what and who lives as they claim as alleged to depopulate the world. Just because of money they seem to be playing god. Money commands respect and money gives power. A man who has money can do anything and get away with it especially here in Nigeria while the poor can be prosecuted for nothing. And, being poor is now a disease that no one wants to associate self with.

Money makes things happen. It is only money that makes a man nice because when it comes to giving arms, it is only those with money that can donate but those who don’t have money will seem like wicked heartless people who do not care about others or activities that require the use of money. This happens everywhere, especially in churches. The pastors usually offer special prayers to those who donate fat envelopes to their churches and they don’t care to inquire how the money was made. That’s the real meaning of this topic.

No matter how the money was made, no one cares to know, the only thing people understand is money talks and everyone wants to listen to it when it speaks. My question is, how many people understand it?

Money answereth all things. This is one biblical truth that I have so embedded deeply within that makes me work so hard today because the Bible itself recognizes the importance of money and what money can do for you. The rich get away with so many stupid things they do just because of this truth. Because they have money they can carry out criminal activities and get away with it and no one queries them.

Money Is the one thing that can twist the arm of the law to favor the man who has it. Why do you think that the rich keep working so hard, however, the means of their wealth accumulation is, whether legitimate or not, they keep doing it just to keep increasing their wealth. They are never satisfied with their current wealth status. They keep setting a target to become more wealthy than they are, this is because they understand fully what money can do for you.

Money gives you power. Money without power has a limit but money with power is everything.

A man who has money can easily associate himself with the political oligarchs who run the affairs of the world or a country. Look at Dangote for example, nothing affects him in Nigeria. The FG of Nigeria gave him the monopoly of so many consumables that the businesses of his competitors were shut down. Why is it that, he has political associates and, he wills the power? Every political law made in Nigeria was made with his interest in the minds of his associates and all the laws are in his favor, that’s why his businesses keep thriving. That’s why to date, he’s still the richest black man in the world.

Do you know that you can be excommunicated from this world now by those who have money and power? Of course, you know what I am talking about. Social media as we all know is a global village. A world of its own. And, it is those who control it that can be seen as the gods of the world and this set of folks made all the laws that the rest of us must live by. They now control the way we behave and the way we think. They want us to think how they want us to think. Make a nasty post on Facebook or IG for example today and your accounts will be blocked. What do you call that, isn’t that ex-communication from the world? This is where the world is going and, if such can happen to Donald Trump, the then president of America, the rest of us are no safe. You can ask Tunde Ednut. I guess he can explain better.

Money rules the world.

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