When you get discouraged and feel you can’t go on, this is what you should do!

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As an entrepreneur, there will always come a time when you feel like you can’t go on. This is the time when it feels like all your strengths are gone. The energy is not there again. Your motivation, all zapped up. You feel so weak and cold. You can’t move on. You want to, but just as you try to, it feels like a heavy load is been tied to your waist that constantly impedes your progress. This causes you to feel like you are moving in the wrong direction. Everything you believed in initially, at the start of your journey that motivated you to begin in the first place seems all gone. Even the people you trust are not there again. It seems no one is watching or they have abandoned you, gladly, watching and hoping that your failure becomes imminent. What a waste of time you feel within yourself. Not just a waste of time, a waste of money, energy and everything.

Now, you no longer trust yourself. You are losing hope. You are actually doubting if you could do anything. You doubt your ability, regularly. All your anticipations of finishing up on a high didn’t really happen as you expected or dreamed and it’s now discouraging you. If you had made the anticipated sales, things may have turned out differently. Maybe those who believed in you would remain. They would not have made a U-turn. Why won’t they, when even you seem to be doubting yourself? Where did you go to? That fellow that started this laudable project, with the hope of making it to the pinnacle of success. You are supposed to be a pioneer, a leader. A motivator. That’s why you are the originator of something great. An entrepreneur. Now, you are losing yourself. Scaring everyone who still has some little faith in you, causing them to doubt.

Yes, despite the challenge. The fact is that you are letting yourself down and letting everyone else down too. There are still some who believe that you still got it. Now, they are truly scared. Scared of who you are suddenly becoming. How the urge to abandon your projects which they so much believe in and depend on is becoming intense. You constantly make them feel like you are no longer interested in the project that once ignited the fire of enthusiasm in everyone. You are losing hope in yourself and in everyone. And in life, entirely. You started massively, forcefully, you approached the biggest fear and started. The world waited in anticipation. Waited to see it to the end. Even the hindrances got scared of the force that fell on them. No matter how they strike, their blows were not enough to knock you out. You stayed. You stood.

Now, just about that time. I mean the time that even the world had been waiting for. The time that the earth was just about to crown your effort with success. The time that the world was about to realise the importance of hard work and staying through to your course. The meaning of stick-to-Itiveness. The time scheduled for your victory to be witnessed. The time for your joy to be complete. The time for those who believed in you to hit their chest and nod to the fact that they made the right decision to have believed in you. The time that they will be feeling that after all, their wait is over. The time for them to reap the benefits of believing and waiting for you. The time that your family had anticipated and giving up so many things for. The time that would birth the enjoyment for your kids and your family. The time that was to give birth to wealth and success. The time for the earth to truly reward your hard work and creativity. Just a little time. And the bigger challenge truck.

This was only the biggest task for you to pass. The biggest obstacle that must be conquered to test your ability whether or not you are truly deserving of what greatness was about to be bestowed on you by the mother nature. This task is just the last and all that it will take to get you to the finish line. You have been running this race from start and now approaching that point when the final whistle will be blown. It has not been easy though, it’s worth every time, energy, sleepless night and sweats. It’s worth everything that you put in. And, you have come so far to give up now so why giving in to the little more challenge that must be conquered to get to your desired goal? Are you truly going to allow your enemies, those that have branded you a failure to say, I said it? They are watching and waiting to the point when they will tell others that they knew it would happen.

They are out there, praying to whatever they worship that you do exactly what you are just about to do. Why should you give up after so many hassles just because of a little discouragement? You are not alone. A lot of people have gone through that road. Even the billionaires. Those controlling the economies of the world. They all passed the test. They never gave up. They were also hit by this same obstacle facing you right now. They were at that same point of calling it a quit which you are battling with right now but guess what, they did one thing that am just about to recommend to you right now. They embraced the challenge and took it as it came like a challenge that must be defeated. Guess again, they defeated it. If they didn’t, there’s no way you could hear their name as the leaders of the world. They were once failures but now, they are at the helm of global affairs. You should really learn from these few lots.

When the going gets tough, only the tough keep moving. They never stop. They drive through the obstacle and approach the challenge. They go in for war feeling like champions and finally, they come out alive and victorious. This is what you should do. When you are discouraged, when you are in doubt, go back to the beginning, where it all started from. Go back to the basics. Find out why you started in the first place. Remember those rooting desperately for your success who are the major supporters that engineered you to have started it in the first place. That little beginning, that point where you sstarted, it has a way of positioning and redirecting your steps when you derail. Go back to that point where it all started and see for yourself that the challenge is just a ploy to derail you. When you go back to the starting point, you will be brought back, refreshed to the reality of the present hope for a better future.

The truth is, the beginning always has the answer to the present.

And, it will put you right in the part for greatness. Always go back to the beginning whenever you are in doubt.

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