When you set your mind to a goal, don’t ever let anyone talk you down

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I woke up this morning and unlike me, the first thing I did was turn on the TV. Immediately I was attracted to a movie that was showing in one of the channels, “Cinderella Man” by Russell Crowe, one of my favourite movie star. You will remember him as General Maximus in Gladiators. The movie was about a retired boxer who went back to his profession just to fend for his family. Things were so bad that the only choice he had was to get back his gloves and face life squarely inside the squared circle. Despite his wife’s agitation for the fear that he would die in the ring due to his age, he never backed down. He was determined so badly that he wanted one thing and, he fought his way to the top and became the number one contender for the world championship. The champion was a brutal fighter, his previous opponents, at least one of them suffered severely after a demeaning loss from the champion and this man, Jim Braddock was scheduled to bout him for the championship, knowing so well how severally he could be punished from such fight. Guess what, he went into the fight as calm as he could be and gave it a fight of his life. After fifteen rounds of the intense bout, the old man won in a unanimous decision. What a story.

The bottom line and the essence of this piece is something that everyone reading this have to find a way to embrace.


Don’t lose it and don’t even dare to procrastinate like i pointed out in the previous post.

When you set your mind to something very important, never you lose focus no matter what people say to you or how hard life hits you. This man needed to change the story of his family and he did so by the only way he knew how to. He got back to his old self and went to work. One thing was driving him. In one of his press conferences back in the movie, he was asked what his motivation was since he wasn’t so good as a boxer during his youthful days as he was as a retired old boxer. He said and I knew it, he was fighting for a course and his reason was worth it. He was fighting for his family. It’s either he died in the ring or his family gets liberated and enjoy a good and influential life. The course he was fighting for was more than life and he needed to hit life back so badly to be able to get what he desired out of life. He bled, he struggled, he learned, he trained and above all, the situation of his family with his beautiful wife and three sons was more than enough to see him hit life so badly that the only option left was for him to be victorious.

Have you ever wanted anything so badly that it seems like you cannot survive without it? Think about the air you breathe, as cheaply as it seems, it is the most important thing that you can be grateful for. Lose it and you are dead. You need to begin to see your desire as the air you breathe. The moment you lose focus, you will get a serious punch in the head and get knocked out. Life is a battlefield that is so unfair to everyone. It is practically unfair but will reward you handsomely if you can face it, look it straight in the eyes and demand your own share of what you were created for. Is just a matter of choice because everyone is given such and equal opportunity to write their own stories in the book of life. What you do with your life is a personal choice that only you can and should bear the consequences when you start reaping the rewards. No matter how little your daily goals are, with consistency, you will definitely arrive at the big picture. Just do it and don’t lose focus.

For example, the movie I was speaking to you about was a blessing away. I got the title of this post from it and guess what, life also battled me so hard to come up with this post. After five hours of thinking about what to write and trying to put my thoughts together, I felt lazy. That’s a life battle. I felt so weak in my bones that my fingers were too weak to be raised to put this writing on paper. Finally, I had my eyes set on the finished line and I focused my vision on what I have been trying so hard all this while to create. Thankfully, that thought is the sole reason why you finally get to read this post. Every day of our lives, life usually presents us with troubles and issues to keep us completely veered off course. It makes you think you can not be who you are destined to be. You have to think again and think about the reasons why you have to come out victorious. You have to not let challenges of life get into your head so badly that you begin to even doubt yourself and lose focus. Look the moment self-doubt begins to creep into your head, that’s the moment you become a loser.

Defeat does not feel good and once you are defeated, it takes even greater energy to come back out alive even though there are a number of lessons in defeats.

Temporary defeat to be certain.

That means you come back from your sorrow demand another opportunity for greater success.

As I keep saying, nothing that is worth having comes easy. You must go through the test of life and conquer it before life can crown your effort with some enormous success. Check out the lives of all those who have made it in this life. They all have their stories and if you observe, their stories are never rosy. Some of the area even a bunch of dropouts outs who seem like they had nothing to offer this world. Some of them faced a number of defeats. Some of them were KOd a number of times but guess what. As the late Aliyah puts it in that famous hit song “Try Again” they dusted themselves off the ground and tried again, this time, they tried even harder. Thankfully, the world at large is reaping the benefits of their hard work and they are all getting rewarded by life for it. This is it, no matter the challenges life throw at you, never you lose your focus. Be strong and keep your eyes set on the finished line. That’s the only way you can truly become the success you were destined to be.

Have you learned something from this? post. Even as I write, I don’t know where these words keep coming from but I am learning so much. One thing I can take home from this is, this is the time set a new and realistic goal which I must focus all my energy and gaze at with a timely and realistic deadline without wavering for a second and hopefully, I will come back here to share my success story with you.

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