Which would you rather do, complain or contribute?

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I live in a country where everyone believes that the cost of surviving is too expensive and things get tougher by the day. I live in a country where government do not care how their citizens are living. I live in a country where there is no food and the cost of food gets higher than it used to be as the day goes by. I live in a country whereby you are not sure of returning home once you step out of yourself but by the grace of God we keep surviving through it. I live in a country so rich and at the same time one of the poorest countries in the world. I live in Nigeria, a name synonymous to poverty, want, lack, insecurities and banditry to name just a few.

Well, some of the challenges listed above might seem peculiar to Nigeria but the truth is, as it gets bad in Nigeria, the rest of the world is not as it used to be. Things keep getting tougher by the day and humans keep getting subdued by a myriad of these challenges and not thinking of a way out.

So many problems facing us today have reduced a number of people to lower than life. Some have taking to crime as a means of livelihood. This is the age and time we find ourselves today and everyday, these menace keeps increasing. I stopped reading the news many years back because, yes, it is good to read the news as you will lack information without it which is terrible today. But then again, I realised that by reading the news I stood the risk of getting misinformed, most of the stories the media sell to us today are fake.

I am an entrepreneur and I have a role to play in the development of the world. With the challenges going on around you in the world, it is easy to join the bandwagon of the many who choose to complain and to be fair, the challenges are worth it. You can complain all you want. You are free to do so. After all no one is feeding you and the society is so uncomfortable for anyone to be smiling. You can choose to crucify the government who seemed to be the reason for the many suffering that most people are going through today.

Those who are into criminal activities complain, they blaim the government for giving them no other choice than to become criminals and those doing legitimate businesses also complain. Everyone complains and it’s understandable. As I said, you too have absolutely, all the rights in the world to complain. Nothing seems to be working, not a single person should be rejoicing when things are going left.

Then on a second thought, despite the challenges that everyone faces, everything that happens to us in this world or that we do, except for the things that we have no control over, is a matter of choice and personal decisions. You can choose to complain all you want. Yes, you have the right to do so. You can also choose to contribute, negativity or otherwise. You can choose to contribute to the crime going on in the country as almost everyone is guilty of it and, you can choose to contribute positively and make a difference. Positive contribution in a world of too much negativity is a sign of maturity to me. That’s a class of discipline that’s out of this world.

You choose to construct when others are complaining and destroying. That’s one habit that can make you stand out. Negativity trends today but goes into Oblivion just as fast as it began but constructive contribution, no matter how long it takes will certainly grow and yield great rewards.

It is such a difficult thing to do not to join the crowd to complain and whine, especially when the environment is not favorable and justifies their actions. When the crowd seem to be right in their reaction to the problems facing them. It is indeed difficult not to join them but then that’s what makes the difference. That’s where discipline comes in. If you don’t know now, that’s what entrepreneurs do.

Pathfinders see nothing else but opportunity where others see problems. This is why some people are so rich and others believe that their is no money in the world. It takes courage. I still invest even though I lose money steady. To be honest, I don’t know the source of such courage. It seems almost like something is always pushing me to keep investing with the unwavering faith that all my efforts will yield tangible result and I will look back in time and appreciate God for giving the courage even when all roads seem blocked. I choose to contribute positively to the world. I choose to construct. I choose to make an impact, that’s why you are reading this.

I choose to make a difference and work for the growth of the world and service to humanity. That’s the life of a Pathfinder and that’s the lifestyle that have separated the rich from the poor. What do you want to do in the midst of chaos? What do you see when you look at the world? Do you see lack or do you see abundance? There are too many challenges but I choose to see opportunities and guess what, it has been working for me.

There are a few people who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place and I have chosen to be one of those. With everything at my disposal, I will work to make the world habitable for the sake of humanity and to know that the more I am resolute with my resolve, the mother Earth will certainly reward me for my contribution. That’s a secret the rich will never tell you. That’s why you will always be at their mercy because you made a choice to complain rather than contribute and as long as that’s what you do, you will reap the same reward as those who complain.

To play where the greats play, open your eyes to see the opportunities when everyone see the problems.

Construct positively and make the world a better place and together we can all be rich without leaving anyone behind.

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