Why this crisis is a great opportunity for you to make money

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Every day is a beautiful day for us to make money. We need to be grateful for the life we enjoy amidst many challenges, negativities crippling the economies of the world. Millions of lives have gone six feet and untimely due to diseases and viral infections like the popular Coronavirus disease. The Covid19 is indeed a force to reckon with as it has swiftly changed the way we live our lives, making us more hygienic, creating in us awareness of the fact that we need to be more careful in our day to day activities. Thanks to the virus, Nnamdi, a good friend of mine, the CEO of NB Prudent Link Limited has also discovered the importance of constant washing of hands. I guess no one wants to die young.

The crisis the world is facing right now is a scary one. There are so many schools of thoughts with different arguments as to the reason for the crisis. We have all seen it and we hear tales of how China created the virus every day on the internet. We hear tales of how they transported the virus to other parts of the world, how America became the country with the most cases and deaths. We also witnessed how Italy battled and almost gave up. Germany, Spain, England, etc, were all badly hit. Here in Africa, Nigeria, our dear country is battling so hard to take its leadership position as the most hit by the virus. And what are we doing about it, I love my country, we joke with everything.

There was a complete lockdown that affected everything. No more comedy shows, musical concerts, churches and mosques were closed. Now those believing that their pastors are the way to salvation have realised that they can actually call upon the Lord in their secret rooms and he would answer. Even the hotels where guys go to chill out with their girlfriends have been out of business. Clubs and bars were closed and, I have missed my cool, chilled bottle of beer. The lockdown has in a way actually saved us some money but the sad truth is, we lost more money than saving it.

People have gone broke unexpectedly. Ever imagine how the teachers and those who worked in event centres are surviving? How are they feeding and for those with families, how are they surviving? I feel for myself that each time I hear my kids going with their usual ringtone “daddy am hungry”, it seems I have done the world wrong by becoming a father and wishing I could go back to the days that was a boy living under the roof of my parents. 2020 hit us in the worst place and sadly, no one expected it. We all anticipated the vision 2020. So much hopes and aspirations as all men proposed, but then, the disposition, I can’t say if it’s from God.

God often allows us to live our lives the way we want and whatever decision we take that probably brings consequences upon us are fully our responsibilities. And, this crisis may have also been made by men. Just saying, I don’t have facts so I can only allege without pointed fingers directly at anyone.

Since inception that it started, way back in China, it was like a joke, everyone felt like, hmm, is just a Chinese virus, like Donald Trump, the American president will also always point out. Personally, I believed it was just going to take say, a couple of months and just like the Ebola, it would be conquered. I was wrong, just like the rest of the world, even the leaders. Same was the case for the total lockdown, just two weeks and then a month and counting, even though it has been partially eased out, some countries and states are anticipations another wave of total lockdown. Now we are in a world where we no longer know what will happen in the next minute, how will you survive if there were to be another total lockdown, not forgetting how a lot of people lost their jobs and now in the unemployment market, while a great number of people had to succumb to fifty or seventy per cent pay cut just to retain their jobs? Business owners are not finding it very easy at the moment, don’t forget that too.

Though, Some industries like the essential one’s no doubt hugely benefited from the lockdown. For example, I see no telecom company retrenching their staffs as they are a major part of the beneficiaries of the lockdown. The sales of airtime for mobile data tripled. A lot of people ordered for internet devices such as the MiFi and the modems. People needed to just be on the internet to at least protect their sanity. The lockdown was not something anyone could wish for, anytime soon. Now, Imagine what prisoners go through in the cells.

Winston Churchill was noted for his famous quote advising us never to waste a good crisis. This is a great business opportunity to make money. The problem we have in this world is, we like to observe all protocols without challenging the norm, being so satisfied with procedures and tradition instead of taking courage to question the norm, fight for our future by daring to be different. Great business people are investing now, utilising the crisis as leverage to become well-positioned for the future. The crisis will end one day and if you got so consumed by it without discovering how to leverage it for financial gains, what will become of you when the world gets back to normalcy?

Is this a good or a bad crisis? To answer that question, the crisis is what it is but what makes a great crisis is when intelligent investors use it as a means to become better people by making more money, increasing their businesses by leveraging on it. People are doing it, I have done it and you too can do it. We can all begin to change our views about the current crisis of the world and see it as a great opportunity to earn money.

We have created something very interesting that will help you in getting this done by becoming one of those that will be earning good money during the crisis and the post-crisis era. Are you ready to take part in this great opportunity? Kindly get a copy of our magazine and, drop your mail address in the comment section and wait for further instructions. The pathfinders dare to make something when and where others are losing something.

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