Why you need to do it now and not procrastinate

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When it comes to making things happen or doing things, it is imperative that whatever needs to be done needs not to wait but be done immediately. People often leave what they need to do immediately for a later time, the reason for this to me is unfathomable. What’s worth doing is not just worth doing well, but it is worth doing immediately, as in, like, right now. This is one of the things that separate people who are rich from their poor counterparts. The former takes immediate action while the latter wait for God knows when to execute their plans and in most cases, those who wait usually have the best plans, but only on paper. They talk, talk and then, they talk but they never work their talk. They never take actions, they never try to make things happen. They never try to change their situation and, this is the major reason why every day and every year, they are always in the same position as they were previously. They never move forward or grow, they keep stagnating, year in, year out. They are everywhere and, they are the large majority who in the end blames their situation to every other thing but themselves.

What’s the reason behind people leaving out today’s work for tomorrow? Why do people procrastinate? I have asked myself this on a number of times, why do I procrastinate? Before I started chasing my dream, I was a master procrastinator. It was so bad that I put off my feeding time and I suffered the consequences. I had been treating stomach ulcer for years now. This is not a lifestyle that any human should be associated with. I later came to realise that I really had no good reason procrastinating, I was doing so just got the sake of it and it was affecting me so badly. It affected me as a matter of fact. If it didn’t, I probably would be competing with the likes of Jeff when it comes to having wealth. Something in me still tells me that have what it takes to amass wealth more than the richest billionaire alive so why not. Procrastination may have robbed me off many years of wealth accumulation but the truth is, as the saying goes when a man wakes up, that’s his morning. In one of my earlier publication, I wrote about where I first heard that statement and I will never forget.

See, time speeds. It does not wait. You need to do whatever you need to do and you need to do it fast. As long as it is for your personal goal, self-development or business, just do it and do it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow and don’t wait for anyone to endorse what God had already endorsed for you. One the thing I believe so much is, as long as you are able to think about something worthwhile to do, whatever that is, it’s a gift and it is only God who blesses us with gifts, so you don’t have to depend or wait for the endorsement of anybody to carry out your goal. Just start now from where you are with what you have. The more you wait, the more you lose touch of what you are meant to be doing and I want you to believe that if you eventually leave this planet without achieving your aim, that which you were originally created to achieve, that purposes which you were meant to fulfil, you will not only suffer here as that will mean you lived a lie. You will also suffer there.

Napoleon Hill, in one of his famous quotes, said, whatever the mind conceives and believes that it must achieve. This quote goes to prove that fact that the conception of the mind is nothing but a blessing from nature, God. It is the job of the most to conceive and believe but it is your own job to work it out so that, that dreams will eventually become a reality. If you do not work towards the actualisation of the dream or, say you decide to wait or procrastinate for later days, your mind will not be happy with you. Also, the powers that bestowed the gift on you will not be happy. Nature does not reward laziness, it only rewards those who take action, those who know what to do and the go-ahead to do it. It rewards those who don’t sit around to procrastinate or wait for a perfect time to launch their lofty dreams. The people who take actions are the people who get rewarded.

The rate at which technology is driving the world into a frenzy has made it so that one needs to do everything possible to be ahead of time. The world is moving as switch pace at a high speed. It does not wait for anyone. Even time, we already know does not wait. Its movement may seem very slow as the second’s ticks, it ticks, ticks and ticks, none stop. though slowly but in the actual sense, it moves very fast. My age today tells me exactly how fast time can be. Just like a couple of days ago, I was ten years old, today, I am above thirty years of age and still, it seems like just yesterday. I don’t need to convince or prove to you that time does not wait and that you must do what you need to do then you must act now. It seems as though like, by the time you close your eyes and open them, just like few nights of sleep, you are already counting the last days of your existence on earth, then what will be the ultimate question on your kind or, did you waste your time or used it well? I guess that’s one simple question that everyone will have to answer when the time comes.

This write up is coming to you and as you’re reading it, it might be sounding like the gospel to your eyes. However it sounds and whatever you might make of it, one thing i want you to grasp from this is that the one and only thing that we do not have in luxury is time. You dare not waste it because if you do you have heard that it was said that you will never regain it. Waste money, waste at other thing but time, never. Have you ever asked yourself why some people become so rich and others are extremely poor in the same world with the same amount of time? Why does it seem like some set of people have more than twenty hours in a day while for others, it seems like they have less than ten hours per day? The only difference and the secret is, those who enjoy more time know exactly how to use their time to their advantage. They understand the importance of doing what needs to be done immediately. The others, you already know the category where they belong and that tells the story why they are languishing in penury.

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