Why you should never keep money in the bank is because scared money only depreciates!

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When I was still young boy, growing up I used to believe that saving money in the bank was the best way to become a rich. I envied those that put their fund into fixed deposit. I used to think that by the time they cash out the money, I would have tripled, how naive I was back then. Now that I have come to understand the level at which inflation is affecting everyone economy of the world I have also realized that the money you saved in the bank can only become worthless at the time that you eventually get it out from the bank but you do not know is that the bank had been trading with your money all those years and making tons of profits that should have been made by you. This is what happens when you put your money in the bank.

I grew up with the mindset that when you put your money in the bank, the bank pays you some interest for banking with them because they had been trading with your money and the interest they even pay is a result of the profit that your money generated. Today, the reverse is the case, as long as your money is in the bank today, no day passes without you receiving a debit alert on your device for numerous bank charges. They charge you for deposit, for withdrawal, for savings, for alert, the one that annoys me the most is that these fools charge for debit card maintenance when I don’t even have a debit card. This is how bad it is to be leaving money in the bank because in the end you are just giving access to be doing with your money whatever they so wish.

Since I understood the importance of not leaving money in the bank for long, I know now that whatever money that is kept in the bank is useless to you and by the time you take out the money for use, inflation would have further reduced the value of the money that you once had in the bank. There is one thing that rich people that make them even richer, that is using money to make money. This is the reason why the rich can afford to relax and enjoy their lives however they want to. They make more money whey they sleep and that’s called passive income. Rich people get scared working of their lives, that’s why at the slightest opportunity they create passive income to make them more money so they can have more time to take care of themselves and give themselves more beneficial treat for the sake of their health. Meanwhile the poor can only afford tow work all their lives, putting their money in the bank and eventually stress themselves to death and in the end the money they leave behind is returned to the rich to use for whatever means they want it for.

Money wants to be used and money can only stay with you if you know exactly how to use it. For those who do not know how to use money, they will end up spending all their money buying unimportant things because no matter how you try to save it money is the one thing that one of things it does the most and enjoys doing is moving from place to place and flowing from person to person and it flows from you to another person by whatever means necessary and discovers that the person in possession of it understand how it operates better than you, it will continue to attract more of its kind in larger amount to that person that understands how it works. This is why no matter how the poor tries to hold money the money will always find its ways into the hands of the rich. The rich keeps getting richer you can say and the poor, you already know.

Money is courageous and only the courage attracts it. This is why money hates to stay in the bank or sit somewhere doing nothing. In the end it loses its value. This is why the money you have in the bank will never make you money and money is designed in a way that it is supposed to make you more money, that way it can serve you better and give you the kind of life that you desire. For you to achieve that, that money of yours has to be on the move. The money should get out of that comfort zone of yours where you have kept it thinking you are doing it and yourself a favour, unfortunately what you are doing is making your money scared of making you more money. Scared money can’t make more money, only money on the move does.

No matter how discipline you think you are when it comes to saving money, as long as you are not putting it to good use or investing it, there are some challenges, especially those health challenges that can hit you that you will not think twice before deciding to empty your account. After all, health first and a dead man can not spend money. You need to realize that if you do not give your money the freedom to make you more money, some challenges will eventually make you spend that money and by the time you know it your money is already in the hands of those who know how to use. As they say, a dollar on the move is better than a dollar in the bank, so why on earth would I want to leave my money in the bank for no purpose. Every penny I save in the bank is kept their for a purpose and there is always a time-frame that that money must be used for the purpose it was kept and as soon as that time comes the money must make an exit from the bank immediately because its full potential can only be achieved not by it sitting idly in the bank.

If you have money sitting in the bank, look for how that money be useful to you by making more money for you. This is how the rich become richer by making money passively why they sleep. The only reason why every right thinking human being should save money in the bank should be for the sole purpose of investing it, asides that, nothing else matters.



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