Why you should think long term!

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Greatimgs from this side as I want to bring you a topic so interesting that you should be motivated by it. A lot of people think starting a business or building something great happens all of a sudden. No, that’s not the case. This is the reason this topic.

I have started a business many years ago and till date, I am still working to make it work. The beauty is I am not ready to give up on my dream. This should be the thoughts or mindset of every serious minded entrepreneur.

If you want your business to succeed, you must give it your all and be ready to sacrifice in entirety your life to ensure the survival of the greatness you are building. The bottom line is, you are building something that posterity will remember you for. Something so great that will provide a source of livelihood for many.

There is a tendency that your business will fail. That happens and it can happen to anyone especially those who think they can just start reaping the benefits of their business within a few years or less.

There are many a great company that started many years and ran for huge number of years without making any significant profit. Most of such business owners gave up on their dreams because they were not patient enough to wait for the maturity of what they started.

Great things take time to accomplish and if you must see to it that you accomplish something great then you must wait and while you wait you must consistently put in effort to ensure that you make progress constantly.

Think about the richest men in the world today and how they started, they didn’t start and climbed to the position they occupy immediately their businesses began, it took time and they worked their ass out, diligently.

I remember, just a year ago, rapper, Kanye West was in debt of over 50 million dollars. This is someone that has won multiple Grammys. In less than a year ago, he became a billionaire. That takes hard work and discipline to turn such a misfortune around. It takes wit, resilience and determination.

The truth is, Kanye didn’t just start, he had been chasing his dream of becoming a footwear designer till he got a big deal with one of the biggest footwear brands in the world. You already know the brand we are talking about. I have always known that there is light at the end of the tunnel and, morning comes after the darkest part of the night. That’s the case with Mr West.

At some point in your life as an entrepreneur, you might lose everything you have. With discipline, you might think that you have come to the end of your road but, you will turn things around as long as you are keep working.

Some of the big brands that rule the world today started many years ago before their breakthrough. They kept working and gave everything to ensure that their brands stood out and then, they rule the world today.

In today’s world the first thing that comes to mind when you are seeking answers to any question or information online is, Google it. Google is so popular today that you might think the company owned the internet completely. Did Google start today? No, they have started many years ago and they kept working on their craft that today Google is one of the biggest brands in the world.

Facebook on the other hand is working so hard to maintain its dominance. They tend to crush every competition that seem like a threat. This brand wants everyone alive to keep making use of their app and they do everything necessary to maintain dominance. Did Facebook just start, no. They have a long term plan at heart that’s why they are where they are today.

Some of you might probably be thinking that companies like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube started just recently, no, they have all been in the game for so long. The dominance you see in the market is as a result of many years of hard work and consistency.

These big brands don’t rest and they are always all out to swallow the smaller brands. It is difficult to compete with focused brands. The only way you might probably have the chance to stand out is if you can think as they do. If you can also think long term.

Yes, over taking is allowed. You can scale but remember that you must have done so much background work that will get you ready for the big break. If you are not prepared adequately when the time comes you will not be ready to accomplish what you should.

Thinking long term will help you plan better. It says a lot about you considering the fact that you are not only providing for the people of today but you are also considering posterity and taking steps to cater for them.

It will keep you in check while you discipline yourself to realise that wherever you are is just a step to the final destination and you must keep moving till you get to the final bus stop.

Thinking long term will help you correct so many mistakes and help you to make accurate decisions as you will have enough time to think through your moves before embarking on the journey.

It pays to have a long term plan. Every great business or every business that has the ambition of becoming a great brand should think long term as that is about the only way that the brand can stand out and become global brand that everyone will reckon with.

The future belongs to those who are able to plan for it and the only way to earn the benefits that the future has to offer you is by thinking long term and working your way into the the future with the mindset of building a global brand that takes time and process to complete.

This is how must big brands were created.

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