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The clock is something very unique that we need to embrace, not because of it’s beauty but because it reminds us that time is priceless. Most importantly, it waits for no one. It reminds us that we must make use of our time judiciously for productivity and in turn to generate revenue as some seems to see as success.

Work has never killed anyone and the last time I checked, work gives you leverage.

Growing up, I never enjoyed working. I know I am not alone on this table. Yes, everyone of you reading this must have felt the same way at some point in your life. There must have been a time you felt like, come on, why should I work? What’s the essence of it all. Deep within, you know as much as I do that work is the only thing that guarantees you getting your daily bread.

Depending on the kind of work you do, work can make you rich. Yes I hated work. That’s in the past now because everyday of my life, I enjoy working and I enjoy what I do. Even though as I feel, I would love to sit at home just chilling and eating doing nothing, I have developed a high sense of responsibility towards work and no matter how tiring and bored it can get, I will always enjoy working.

I said enjoy working because that’s the only way I came to perform more than I used to, happily. You see, depending on the kind of work that you do, the decision to work or not is yours and that also means you have either or not decided to feed. Even billionaires work. Unless you are one those who inherited fortune or you are a member of one of the richest families on earth, asides that, you are entitled to work. Even the famous families that control the world’s economy, they all still work because they always want to get richer than they are.

As I said, depending on the type of work that you do, work can be fun. I hated work back then when I felt my time at work was being controlled by another. There is nothing that gives a sense of confidence in yourself than being able to work at your time. This is the reason why the Pathfinders are happier and great. Entrepreneurs do not care what others are doing, they do things on their terms.

They wake up when they want to, eat what they want and when they want to, travel, club, plan and do virtually everything they do at their own time. Yes, that’s what they do. They do it because they know how to and that’s why they are the set of people who truly enjoy work and never get tired of working. That’s why no matter what you do, untill you decide to do it like them, they will always be on top and rule you.

Have you ever asked yourself why the billionaires feel privileged? Where they made specially? Why is it that it is just a certain set of people that enjoy the benefits of controlling the affairs of the world just because they are rich? I will tell you why. Just hold on. Why will some set of people have the audacity to stop a one time president of America from using their products/social media? They did so because they have the power to do it. If they can do that to a president, that simply means they are the few set of people who run our lives unknowingly because it almost seems as though, the largest part of the world’s population can’t survive without some of their products. Now social media rules the world.

I have been studying the lives of billionaires recently and one thing most of them have in common is work. They all enjoy their work and they love working. Work is fun. Is it to you? It is to most of them who are billionaires and you never see them engage in any kind d of work that does not bring in any value. Of course work might not be fun to you for the fact that you are probably working in a working environment not designed for you but you have to do the work. Do you kow why? Because if you are someone who desires to be rich, you have to do whatever it takes to build your own business and the only way to go about that is by working.

This is the reason why the rich are rich. Even when they worked for others they always had the vision of running their empire and while they worked for others they put in a considerable amount of time working for themselves too. Are you doing the same? I guess not and that’s why it will be difficult for you to escape what Robert Kiyosaki called the rat race. Those who did the work no matter how hard it seemed round the clock for themselves are the same people who can afford anything no matter the cost. Those who only work just for the pay they get will never be able to afford the good things of life and they will keep working for others till they eventually die.

The best way to do this even though you work for another is, try as much as possible to work more than you earn. Do more work than you are required to do and maybe, just maybe, somehow, you will earn the equivalent amount of money to the work you put it. No matter how long it takes, work pays. And when you work, try to work at every chance you get not minding the time, that’s the only way you can earn as much as possible and be able to live the kind of lifestyle made for the select few who rule the world.

Don’t you want to be one of those? Sure you do.

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