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There is a saying that everyone is a warrior before the war begins but when the war finally gets in the way, you will know those who are true warriors. Everyone was born the same and for a purpose and it is a noble thing for one to be able to fight for one’s future. You are a warrior just like everyone else is, you need to move ahead and stay in line and fight your battle squarely. Life is a battleground and you need to be able to KO life to get yourself what you truly deserve. Not everyone will survive the battle no doubt as even in wars, not all the soldiers make it back alive. Some die, others get wounded, and a good number of them even go mad. War experience is not a pleasant one. Some retired soldiers who fought back in the days and survived will say, never pray for war, it is not a good experience. Yes, it’s not but when it comes to your life and taking from life what truly belongs to you, I guess there is no other choice than to fight the fight.

Do not be scared because. Your opponent is also scared of you.

As I said in the previous post, you might need to throw the first punch and keep going till that damn enemy of yours is knocked out. You got to do something and do it now because waiting is dangerous. Prepare for war at every chance you get and when you see the opportunity, even if is one short you got and you get a chance to strike, try as much as you can to make good use of it and don’t miss it.

Let me also be clear here, is not the end of the world or your end if you miss it, you can always stand and try again. The cost of making a mistake they say is less than the cost of sitting around and doing nothing. Do you see why you need to be able to strike when it matters? If you miss it, the sure thing is that you have learned from your error and I am certain that by your next chance you will get it right and make the right punch without missing it.

Opportunity some say comes but once but I say, you can always create your opportunity.

You got it in you as a fighter who knows when and where the battle is fought and ready to give everything to be triumphant.

It will not last forever. You can win or if you always escape from it whenever and if you choose to, everything depends on yourself and no one else. The opposition will contend with you to defeat you without pity, so you have to use all your arsenals to ensure that you subdue them as you must do so in this battle for survival.

At least you must survive first before you decide to live the life that suits you and so the number one goal is survival. If you do not know, that’s the first thing the opposition is trying so hard to deny you. They want to break your survival instincts so you can lose yourself to failure and possibly death. You do not give any room for them to strike. Don’t allow them the opportunity to get you or know your weakness. Be so strong that when you strike the first blow it will be difficult for them to recover and you would be ahead on your way to your next destination.

Warriors fight, warriors don’t give up and they don’t give excuses. Warriors hustle and they do everything possible to become victorious in the battleground. That’s what you should do as a warrior and one who is determined and ready to take what belongs to him/her. That’s the attitude of a warrior. A warrior is resilient even when faced with the most difficult challenges in the world. A warrior still moves around with a smile, feeling nothing is wrong even when fighting the most gruesome battle. A warrior is like a lion that moves with pride in the jungle, who sees every opposition as prey that should be devoured.

You must not be scared of what comes your way! The street is military so the only option you have is to be a soldier and soldiers do not back down from a fight. To get what you desire out of life means you have to fight because the result will only be to your advantage if you can fight for it. And, you cannot be one who gets scared easily and also, a fighter! Fighter lives to fight and they fight for a purpose and what else is more important than the fight that guarantees you taking what belongs to you and making your future a perfect one? That is the only course that I am willing to fight for and it’s either I succeed or I die trying.

More than eighteen years that the album “get rich or die trying” was released by 50 Cent, we can all see the outcome, who he’d become after so many years. It was either he died fighting or he succeeds and we all know the end of the story.

Determined and resilient fighters never lose. When they fall, they always get back up. They are the sort of people that you get tired of knocking off because no matter how many times you knock them off, they will always get up and stand face to face with you to throw your best shot and when you fail to do so, they will get you decimated. Approach life with the mind of taking from it what belongs to you because if you let life run your life for you, you will live to regret the outcome it will present to you.

Fight your way to a breakthrough and take for yourself the future that you truly desire. You are a warrior and warriors never back down.

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