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Every day, when I wake up in the morning, I look up to the sky and say thank you father for a new day and a great beginning. We try a lot of things every day just to position ourselves well for the future but sometimes, in most cases we make mistakes. Sure, mistakes are good for anyone willing to do something great in life because if you do not make a mistake, it means you are not growing and you are not doing anything. You need to get up, do things, make mistakes, and most importantly fail.

I remember those days in college, we used to stigmatize those who failed or repeated classes. We feel that they do not know anything, like life is taking them back while others progressed due to their illiteracy in their academic pursuit. Little did we know that such academic excellence in colleges does not guarantee any form of success in life. I realized the importance of failure much later and I so wished I realized it sooner because it could have engineered me to try everything possible, and for success notwithstanding whether I failed or not.

I try something new every day.

This should be the lifestyle of anyone who desires to be successful. When I say something new, I don’t mean jumping from pillar to post, doing things that do not sync. I said in one of our earlier publications that it is very important for one to have a plan. What that means is, if you do have a plan of what you intend to achieve or how you desire your future to look like, you need to be trying new things in sync with that desired future of yours, whether or not you are failing or making mistakes, the most important thing is that you are doing something.

You are not static. Stagnancy is deadlier than trying and failing because the more you fail the more you learn and the more you learn the more you increase your chances to earn. Have you seen one of the importance of failing and making mistakes? As God will have it, we can always begin anew. We can always start all over again not minding what the previous outcome was.

No matter what it was, do not dwell in the past. If you do, the chances of moving forward and doing better for yourself will elude you.

The truth is, you are as good as your last performance.

If as at the last time you tried something, you failed, you sure have a great opportunity to learn from it and try again. If you decide to quit then, as I said you are as good as your last performance, that can only make you a quitter and a failure. That is when your enemies can boldly hit their chest and say, I said it. He was born to fail. Don’t quit. Never lose hope. Believe in yourself. Everyone who ever achieved something great in life failed.

I saw an old picture of Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and the richest man in the world of how he started his Amazon business sometime in 1994. I was thrilled with the commitment. If today, the man Jeff is as he is known is the richest man in the world, don’t you think he had paid the ultimate price. It was not a rosy start for him. In the picture, the office setting was not what one should expect but that’s something called days of little beginning, and those days are filled with learnings and making mistakes while failing at the same time.

What makes those days of little beginnings special is your ability to never give up despite the challenges. Your ability to keep fighting with the picture of your future goals clearly in sight. Your ability to disregard what the people will say and do what you need to do anyway because in the world we live today, whatever and anything you do, people will always have something to say. Your ability to do the right thing with your goal in mind whether or not every other person agrees with you. Your ability to do it anyway regardless of what others’ opinions are. Even if you fail or make mistakes, you can always have a fresh start.

The fact that every new day comes with its opportunities to start all over again is the more reason why you should do everything and exhaust the day. Do everything you have to do to ensure that you have no reason for regret as to what you left undone. Let it be that you did all you could but failed since you have other opportunities to do it again than not do anything at all because of fear of failure.

Doing something and failing is far better than not doing anything.

At first, when you fail, you should always try again, and the more ready you are to try again, the more your chances of achieving success. No became ever became a master just by doing nothing or by the first trial. Everyone, even the best of the bests and the business tycoons all failed at something at some point in their lives and in their business pursuit so what makes you think you are different?

You are a human just the same way every other person is and you are not special just as the greats were not at their beginnings. Today, they are special because they had what it takes to do what needed to be done and they did it repeatedly even though they failed many times. Try something new today, fail, try again and fail, keep trying and never quit until one day, I guarantee you that you will eventually become the master of your craft as long as you never give up.

Today is a brand new day. No matter what the issues or past experiences of yours are, the good news is you can always start all over again.

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