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I have a dream is a popular saying coined out  of a classic speech by the renowned American activist, Martin Luther King Jr. Eventually, what he dreamed about became a reality many years later.

Everyone who started something big started by having a dream. I am not talking about the kind of dream you have when you sleep. I am talking about those dreams that do not let you sleep at all. Those dreams that give you sleepless night.

You too can dream and you must dream big. That’s the Genesis of doing something great. If you can dream it and work on it then you can achieve it. That’s something we have always agreed on.

The question now is not about you dreaming or dreaming big. Everybody dreams and maybe, just maybe a few people really dream big but how many of those who dream or dream big have what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

If you cannot work on your dreams, you better stop dreaming.

The biggest challenge that so many people have is not that they do not dream at all or that they do not dream big but, their major challenge is how to start or where to start from.

Some people want to wait for when the coast is cleared. Some want to wait for when they have all the money in the world. Some want to scale and create a massive brand immediately. Some don’t even realise that it requires hardwork to work on their gigantic dreams.

See, you don’t need to have all the money in the world before you begin to chase your dream. Not having the kind of money you are expected to have for your dream is a challenge designed to stop you from taking the first step. You need to desist from thinking that having a huge sum of money is a sure way that guarantees the success of your dream.

Let me tell you. You can have all the money in the world and still fail. Failing is even a better step in the right direction. I will do something on failure later in future but for now let’s concentrate on what we are dealing with. Not knowing where to start is a big problem that only you must conquer and once you conquer it, you are on your way to making a great impact.

I must say that asides money, you don’t necessarily need to wait for the right time because their is no such thing as the right time for you to start doing something. Such time don’t exist.

Waiting for the right time means only one thing and that’s wasting precious time and heaven knows that we do not have the luxury of time at our disposal. You need to act now and act fast.

The greatest Impediment to your success is the failure to take a step forward. As long as you refuse to move, you will remain static for a long time and that’s too dangerous. I said somethig in one of my posts earlier that if you do not start working on your dream you will lose out on the deadline designed for the actualisation of that dream.

This is a reality and that’s why your dreams, as big as they are must have lots of challenges that will hinder them. If not then the easier you achieve them the easier they are destroyed. Denzel Washington said something on that and he said “ease is the greatest enemy of progress“.

The truth is in life nothing comes easy. Even the word easy, if you are not careful you will forget how to spell it in an examination hall. I don’t know about you but I have been in such situation before that I forgot the simplest word in the exam Hall. That was as a result of pressure.

Money made easily leaves you just the same way it came in the first place. 

To actualize your dream you must work very hard and the hard work must begin from you. I know you might be wondering about what I had said earlier concerning where to begin or how. As I said, you don’t need to wait for when everything is in order because there would never be such a time.

The best place to start working on your dream is where you are currently.

Yea, you heard right. You can read that again. People might disagree with me on this but don’t be deceieved. I am a proven fact to what I just said. What you are reading right now on this amazing site will always be useful to you even in future. You might not understand the need for it but when you see someone who probably wasted his entire live waiting for the right moment which never came then you will understand the meaning of the advice I just gave you.

People pay to get this information but here you are getting it free on a platter. I said the best place for you to start from when it comes to chasing that big dream of yours is where you are. 

You might not know it, the truth is, you are already in the best place to start, if not, you wull not be where you are right now. What are you doing about your dream? The environment does not need to be conducive before you can make a move. In fact being in a conducive environment might hinder your progress because you will think that all is well and probably procrastinate on taking the first step.

Why you are thinking about the efficacy of what I have said let me also make it clear that the best way to achieve your dream is by starting and starting small.

Dream BIG, start small!

This is one thing that you will never regret and I guarantee you that the moment you start small, you will continue to move forward and discover many more ways of actualisation of that dream of yours interestingly and by then it will seem so easy for you because you have already conquered the hard part.

When you are faced with the challenge of where to start when it comes to working on your dream, start from exactly where you are.

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