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This topic means so much to me because it speaks directly to most of the young entrepreneurs out there fighting so hard to take their place in the province of the great and their names are written in the book of success. There is a general and irritating misconception that has for many years permeated the business world, contaminating the minds of growing entrepreneurs. Am sure you know what am talking about because, you, just like every other person might have dealt in this false maxim.

In our Pathfinders first edition publication, we dealt with topics as such and majority of those who got a copy have recommended that everyone, especially aspiring entrepreneurs get a copy of this magazine to better position themselves and their businesses. If you don’t mind as I believe you won’t as what I offer here is to your best interest and advantage, kindly get your copy here by clicking this link

The former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela once said that money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.

There are so many false truisms that entrepreneurs often believe that do them more harm than good. Am sure you have heard stuff like, follow your passion, fake it till you make it, entrepreneurs are born not made, the last one as said, is so terrible that whoever coined that deserves to be nailed. That is not even as terrible as this one that is about to point out, the most damaging of all and it has to eat too deep in the minds of entrepreneurs that, it takes money, or you need money to make money.

I hear this sad saying almost every day. In fact, as I write this, the resounding voice of Nnamdi, a close friend of mine keeps reverberating, I hear it even in my subconscious. He says it all the time, “na money them dey take find money” Charles would also say, “you need capital as without it nothing can be achieved” that is, without money you can’t make money. I asked a popular question in one of the most interesting topics in our first publication that “What will you do if you were given ten million Naira”? That money might as well go down the drain just as easy as it was handed to you because it was not earned.

Money is to be made and not handed on a platter like the head of John the Baptist and the sad truth that am here to tell you is, you need to completely eliminate that nonsense that you’ve believed for so many years that you need money to make money. That’s an absolute dud that needs to be trashed into the bin. The thing about many people is, when such things are said to them, they get so impressed about the rhymes and the phrases without looking deep whether or not the statement is valid. This is the reason some motivational speakers end up deceiving the packs who believe in them.

Some people, having read some of our posts, even some of our aspiring writers have asked me, are you a motivational speaker, in response, I always said no because a motivational speaker could tell you to run from Lagos to Abuja and nothing will happen to you. Am sorry to kill your joy, if you try that, the possibility of you ending up severely ill or dead is high. You need money to get a bus fair that will take you from Lagos to Abuja. That’s the most practical thing to do. I will rather prefer to be called a reality speaker because I will continue to be realistically factual in my viewpoints.

You can read more to understand a lot about the concept of making a wealth of success without money as an entrepreneur, getting a copy of what will take you up there realistically by clicking this

I had for many years believed this lie that you need money to make money and it left me in a precarious situation because I kept waiting for the money that was not forthcoming and, time was leaving me behind. Days, weeks, months and years went by, I was still stale in my position believing the money to make money for me would drop like manna from the sky. That believe kept me in the same spot for many years. Thank goodness, I wake now as they say it. I realised that money is not the ultimate need to make money. A lot of things come before money. I will share some personal story of how I tried this and it worked so well for me and, though some of the recommended facts have been uncovered here for you

Even still, now, it might seem to you like I have arrived at my destination, no, am still on a journey, the journey of success. I keep travelling that path with so much joy since this discovery made its way into my mind. I go out to make money without money. This is even uncovering a lot of things that still need to be done to up the antic. Don’t get confused, this is no joke. This is a serious business. I will sell my product to you and try as much as possible to ensure you buy what I offer, I can achieve that without money and once you buy it I make money. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet melody to your ears?

I had an interview with Wazobia Max TV a few days ago on this topic “how to raise funding for young entrepreneurs” there and immediately, I made the presenter understand that inasmuch as we have developed a project which will hit you soonest on raising grants for young businesses. I don’t believe money is the first thing entrepreneurs should look out for. I also made him understand that you don’t really need money to make money and I will be happy if I become the first person to change this belief. I got some comments and some of my friends who saw the interview called me up immediately and told me that I had really changed their mindset concerning the concept of needing money to make money. It felt so good.

What are your goals, what ideas do you have that you believe can make you money? You need to attack those goals with the little resources you have and believe in yourself to make it count. Kevin D Johnson, in his book, argued that, having access to start-up capital when you don’t need it can actually stunt your growth and that what is intended to help can turn out to be quite harmful. He said that you can burn your cash buying unnecessary products or services that you can otherwise figure out how to get them free of charge and that money can be used to purchase some things more important.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I made a list of my start-up capital and some of the things I included in the list were so unnecessary that today when I look at that list I marvel at how naive I was.

You see, that list kept me waiting for more than five years because I never really raised the money for office space and as time kept passing I realised that I needed to startup from home and today that decision paid off. Today, the business which started with little or no money is thriving and bringing in money.

The secrets that made it possible is here just get it and you will be happy you did.

Don’t get me wrong, laudable projects like starting a manufacturing company or building a nuclear power plant require money for execution. If you think you can achieve such feats without money, am sorry I never said you would because such projects require that you must spend a significant amount of money. People who embark on huge projects are those who should believe this adage. Young entrepreneurs should not and must not if they must take a step in making their dream a reality.

Don’t believe this deceiving paparazzi about needing money to make money as if you do, you stand the risk of ruining your success and your endeavour. People who often say such may seem wise but check them out you will notice one thing, the only reason they might be saying this is just to justify the reason why they are broke.

Wake up, friend. Before we call it a day, click this link and get a copy for your own good

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