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People who are successful can sometimes make you feel like they were lucky to find success. That’s never the case. People like to fake it in the world we live today. Well, I guess people do so because that’s what the masses love to see. That’s why you will see people more engrossed in entertainment news that this kind of post. That been said, we will keep writing and never waver because one thing that is very important for success which this post clearly is centered on is consistency.

Consistency is key if you must achieve success. To tell you the truth, some people don’t want you to know this truth that’s why I am doing everything that I can to reveal this truth to as many as possible. You see them acting like they do not do any form of work or that they are so lucky, don’t buy that because that kind of lifestyle which they show to you is only done to fool you.

Hard work is very important. Some of these successful people have learned and mastered the importance of enjoying what they do in terms of work. Look that’s a skill that everyone including you can learn and master. When you do something over, over and over again without quiting, you will definitely become a master of that act. As the saying goes practice makes perfection.

Everybody who is rich today worked hard. As a matter of fact they are still working very hard. You know, sometimes it might seem easy getting to the top but remaining there required some level of hard work but this time you have to be smart about it. This is why some people will take you they prefer working smart than working hard. Let me tell you one simple truth, smart work comes after hard work. You must work hard before you learn to work smart in the same field. Do you know what it took before I could write a thousand words article? I started writing so many years back and today I feel blessed that I started when I did because a lot of people are sending positive reviews on how most of my posts on this site have helped them so much. I am so glad that I can help.

I first started by working hard. Someone might ask me, does writing require any form of hard work, of course it does. Sometimes it might take you a whole day to write just a sentence. It’s truly not easy but then the more you keep doing it the easier it gets. That’s the case with almost everything in life. Consistency can do you a whole lot of good in terms of achieving success.

What I see on social media today so freaks me out because everything that I see that everyone does lead to one thing and that’s how to take from you. You might not know it, no matter how small, you consume data. We see some celebrities dishing out cash rewards to their fans but the question I keep asking is, how long will this continue? What will it take for people to be so intentional about their lives and aim to achieve success.

Being intentional about your life requires hard work, consistency and discipline. Those days in college, you never get to see the brilliant students studying, what they do in school is distract the unserious fellows like us who are mostly uninterested in studying. The brilliant ones will join you to play till the close of the day but when they get home they spend so much time studying, that’s why they keep coming out in flying colors. Thank God that in today’s world, academic excellence does not guarantee sucesss as anyone who applied the laws of success whether academically educated or not will eventually find success.

The secret I want to share in this post has a lot to do with the display picture on this post. I believe that the display picture carries more information about what I am saying than a million of words that I may likely put in this post and it says a lot. No matter how the rich portrays unseriousness about themselves, they remain the most serious people on Earth and they never joke with their money. Even when they play, it has to be some kind of game that brings in money and mostly they do all they do to further the distraction which the masses are already surffering and at the same time keeping them entertained. Look most of those who are poor love entertainment and the rich create most of the entertainment TV series that you watch to keep you busy in your poverty. What can you say about that?

Look, you have to grind. You have to work. You can’t simply sit and wish success into your pocket. You can’t even pray it into your pocket. You have to work if you want to be successful and the amount of work you constantly and consistently put in will determine the amount of success you achieve. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that success will come to you at the right time. Sure it will but then you have to work and attract it.

Most of the successful people you see online and around you, take time to study them and you will discover that they had paid the price of success. They had been grinding for years. You never can tell how many years they had been chasing success and finally boom, their moment came and they made it.

You need to work and be ready to put in many years of consistency into what you do if you must aim for the sky. There is no luck here, the more you work on your craft the more you become one of hose termed lucky. That’s another ploy the rich can use to decieve you into believing that they achieved their success as a result of luck. Spare me that, are they the only ones who are lucky?

Everyone is lucky but it depends on what you do to attract the luck. 

If you position yourself where you can create an opportunity as a result of the many years of hard work and consistency, then you will become one of the lucky ones.

Lose yourself in the rhythm. Amass yourself in your work and do not lose concentration. One thing that I can guarantee you is, no matter how long it takes and how many years you grind, ten, twenty, thirty, etc, the truth is, you only need one moment which could be a minute, a second or a day to become successful.

Keep doing what you, you will certainly reap the benefits.

Lose yourself in the music the moment you roll it you better never let it go, even if is one short do not miss the chance to blow cos opportunity comes ones in a life time.

Lose yourself by Eminem.

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