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You never know what tomorrow brings. Yea we discussed that yesterday and I also told you that you have every reason not to give up because tomorrow has a lot in store for you. Your goals are not so far from you, your goals are so close within your grasp. You just need to do what’s required to achieve them. Whatever you set your mind to achieve, as long as you are willing and determined, no force or Jupiter on this planet will stop you from achieving that.

Have you realized that the only force hindering you from achieving your goals is you?

It’s in your mind. The moment you build limitations around your goals, then it becomes impossible for you to achieve them.

Some people build walls of Jericho in their minds which makes it impossible for them to even start thinking of chasing their goals.

This is a very bad way to live a life and any person that must be successful must eliminate all the negative thoughts and most importantly, never speak of them.

Don’t verbalize the negative thoughts that come to your mind because they must surely come. Everyone thinks and most times the negative thoughts are the ones that occupy our minds all the time. You must firstly never verbalize them because when you do, you give life to them, and secondly, try as much as possible to eliminate or replacing them with some positive thoughts, those that you can speak about.

In truth, you have everything that will aid the attainment of your goals in abundance, the problem is most people are so blind that they cannot see them, even when they see them they cannot recognize them. That’s one of the major problems some people have. They don’t recognize opportunity when they see one and they always miss it even when it’s so obvious to them.

There is nothing in this world, I mean when it comes to goals that man can not achieve as long as one is determined with a firm decision to achieve it.

That’s the truth. You have to have a firm resolve to be all you can and achieve whatever you set out to achieve, no matter how big your goal might seem, as long as your gaze is on the finish line, there is nothing under the sun that can stop you from achieving it.

Stop giving excuses and limiting yourself.

Those that are great in life are those that have found a way to achieve their dreams. The truth is if you truly want something and you desire to have that thing so bad, no matter the obstacle, you will definitely as a matter of urgency find a way to get it. It is only when and if that thing is not important to you that you will forgo it and start giving silly excuses.

You have to have a desire to achieve what you want in life. No matter what it is, as long as it is something that can make a difference or probably change the world, then I suggest you start from this minute to be working on achieving it.

You can’t waste a minute thinking of what to do. Take a step right now and the power that gave you the dream in the first place will direct you.

You have to move and do something that will aid what you want to achieve each day no matter how little it might seem. Work on your goal and try to make your dream a reality.

You have the power in you just like every other person to become the best that you can be in whatever game it is you have chosen to play. You can break the records and set new ones if you so choose. There is nothing so difficult for a human who is determined to achieve. It’s all a matter of choice and decision. You can either decide to chase your dream or not. The choice is yours.

Dream! Don’t just dream, dream big. Let your dream scare you and work so hard to make it a reality.

That’s what people who make a difference do. That’s how they live their lives. They do not limit what they can achieve. They do everything and go all out to take the biggest bite out of the pie. There is so much to achieve in this world and there are so many ways to go about achieving your dreams just as there are different routes to success. We can all choose a different part and arrive at the same destination. What matters is getting to the finished line and not who got there first. And, don’t forget, overtaking is allowed.

Each person gets to their destination at a different time because we all chose different routes. Even though Mr. A might get there before Mr.B, nothing stops Mr.B from breaking the records or surpassing the achievement of Mr.A. that’s life and that’s the more reason why you have to constantly challenge yourself to be the best you can be notwithstanding what and how others are chasing their dreams, or running their races. Everyone who is working hard to achieve their dreams meets at the top irrespective of how one gets there.

And the top they say is a lonely place, that’s why it’s just a few people who play there and occupy the huge amount of spaces there.

The power is in you to achieve your dreams. Let no one or any force make you think otherwise. You have got it in you. You can only do something about it or not. You can just like those who are seated at the top also take your position there. The spaces at the top are not designed for only a selected few but for everyone and for those who got the wit to do what the selected few who are at the top are doing.

They simply find a way to get what they truly want no matter how difficult it is to get it. That’s exactly what you too should do, also.

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